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Odd Powergamer

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Hey /tg/, I have a rather odd problem.

Essentially, I have a player who is the strangest form of powergamer ever. He builds perfectly viable characters with in depth backstories and mechanics designed to reflect the character rather than give any form of unfair advantage, although they're usually balanced against the other characters in the group.

The only odd thing is his characters always have some degree of knowledge of science, be it physics, chemistry or whatever.

Then, he uses this knowledge to gain an unfair advantage.

Its hard to get your head around, but its shit like making his mecha immune to lightning based weaponry- the main tool of his enemies- by making his armour function as a faraday cage. Now, if i just say "It doesn't work" he doesn't make a scene, although he will make a sarcy comment about how this particular change in the laws of physics means x, y and z are impossible in the setting. he simply notes it down, and the next time, he'll use the changed law of physics instead, gaining an advantage that way. if i keep changing it, it'll just keep getting worse and worse until he somehow finds an position i can't back out of.

If i keep the laws of physics constant, as they are in reality, he simply uses his out of game knowledge of physics or whatever (without metagaming, as the character always has the requisite knowledge skills) to dominate virtually any situation. its beginning to get aggravating.

I've tried to talk to him, but he doesn't see whats wrong with it, and he's a damn good roleplayer, a central member of a pretty small group (Four players, one GM, no new players likely to turn up anytime soon). What do i do /tg/?
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Could the imperium of man purge the Dalek?
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stat me
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Dorf Fortress

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Ok for/tg/urus: I, at the constant insistance of my friends and this board, started playing Dorf Fortress. I got a loadout my friend suggested and found the perfect place only a few minutes in. Then I encountered the weirdest fucking problem ever.

I brought with me 7 picks, enough for everyone, and this picks are in the cart that my dorfs moved here on.
They now refuse to pick up a pick. Not a fucking one of them.

Currently, they're running around like a bunch of retards.

What happend when I tried to accomplish anything:

Me: Dig a hole, lets get this fort going.

Dorfs: We don't got no picks!

Me: There are picks in the cart.

Dorfs: Cool. What're we supposed to do with them?



It's like watching an Abbot and Costello routine.

so what the fuck guys? how can I talk my dorfs into picking up a goddamned tool?
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Hey! Clear the way in the Webway Gates
Hey you!
Let us through!
It's a brand new mate!
Oh come!
Be the first in the warp to meet his eye!

Make way, here he comes!
Ring the bells, bang the drums!
Are you gonna love this guy!

Aun Ali!

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Well my friends are getting to the age were we are starting to scatter. Leaving because of relationships, finishing college, and jobs seem to be melting. Do any programs exist to play warhammer fantasy battle digitally as you play it on the table top?
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slings...do you use them? and on another topic: darts

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Sup /tg/
~Stat me
~And the Spawn
~Final Destination
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Setting based on Pikmin

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Could it work? What system should I use?
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Sup /tg/

I recently started playing Battletech with some buddies over Megamek, but I'm still really new to the game, so I was wondering what some of your favorite mechs are. I've played like three games so far, used Warhammer, Rifleman, a shitload of Urbanmechs, and an Assassin (who's sword I couldn't figure out how to use). Most of the time I've just tried to hammer things from far away with PPCs, lasers and ACs, and then DFA with Urbies whenever anything gets close. Probably not the best use of them, but its pretty hilarious.
What sort of mechs do you like to use, and what sort of play styles do they play to?

Also, third fucking time trying to post this, lol SQL_FAIL
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