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I don't think I've seen a thread around specifically for this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mbjbbzOrCIg

The "Space Marine" game. I like the look and feel they're captured but it the gameplay looks pretty boring (and the "cinimaction" shit is going to just on your nerves after 20 minutes).
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On Those Whom the Stars Fell

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It's coming.
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Kobold Camp

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Anyone know an easy way to alter the raws in Dwarf Fortress/Kobold Camp to make new clothing? Not armor, just regular clothing.
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Excuse me /tg/, but I am in need of assistance. I am a 40k player, and I am looking to get into my second army. I currently play a shitty Khorne themed army, but I'm looking at using a few loyalist bitz I have and starting a Blood Angels army. I have the newest BA White dwarf codex, but I was hoping one of the Fa/tg/uys (Or Ca/tg/irls) could provide me with a scan/pdf of the original "Angels of Death" Codex, from Second (?) Edition 40k (Primarily as a fluff/idea readup) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Alright /tg/
I want to start playing WH40K.
In your opinion, what army should I play, how many points should I play and how much would said army cost?

Pic unrelated, but makes me laugh.
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Tough, hardy, stoic people
like axes
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So, I've got a gaming session tonight. What should we play?

DND 4E: normally what we do on Saturday night, but the DM is tired, and would mostly be improvising.
Munchkin: we have super, cthulhu, and regular, all with expansions, but we've played a lot of munchkin lately.
Nuclear War: One player has it, and I've been itching to play it for a while. Never played it with this group before.
Unknown Armies: I'd DM a game from One Shots.
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Random Number Generator, where can i find one
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I'm going to be playing in a Ravenloft game in the near future and I want to know what I should be playing. I was going to do one of two things. I really wanna work the system for this guys game since he is a ruthless game master.

I know Ravenloft sucks ass to be in but I can't say I'm too familiar with THE RULES. Would it be better for me to play as someone who gets his powers from a divine source or who is willing to make deals with things that go bump?

Any suggestions or a short briefing on the type of shit I can expect to run into playing on either side of the fence?

Also, I've never played a gypsy before...