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Are monster races worth playing at all? I was thinking of rolling a centaur for a D&D campaign, but I hear they take some major penalties.
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Hello, my dear /tg/

Can i please have some of your W40K related comics? Or just /tg/, i dont care, im just clearing up some space for /tg/ stuff and need to fill the folders

Imperial Guard, Speesh Mareenz, Orks, Cultist Chan, everything goes
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I remember when I used to play this back in high school.

I always rigged my deck in the slimiest of ways, and my friends didn't suspect a thing

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ITT Party Dynamics writefaggotry,

I don't have a story, but have a pic instead to get your creative juices flowing..
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Board Games

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One of our players can't make it to our next D&D game, and he has our only copy of Arkham Horror. We need some other board game-like thing to do. Ideas?

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Would it be possible to play a construct or golem in dnd? I'm really drawn to the concept, but I'm not sure if it'd make sense, and I don't want to have to make my own race or anything.

Also, I'm new to this, so if there's an obvious answer, go ahead and call me a dumbfuck. It's a fetish of mine.
Picture vaguely related.

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Anyone here play Arimaa?

There's a site here for online play:
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Hee hee hee.
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Nifty Idea

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Don't know if this has been posted here yet, but its a damn cool idea.