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Only problem is it'll never exist, and it certainly won't be sold by GW (And if it would, it'd be so overpriced you could spend the money on a fucking car)


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What sytsem/Setting would be best for a game like this?

I'm thinking of doing a game set in the SCP-verse(scp-wiki.wikidot.com) where the players are collecters of various abilties (Some soldiers, some scientists/researchers, some stealthy infiltrators, maybe some diplomatic types) trying to recover and contain items of a unique nature.

Pic Somewhat related.

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Let's try and make a Warhammer 40K race, or post the races that you have come up with yourself. Sure, I understand that none of these will be official armies, or ever be played or properly made and that GW should just update current armies that aren't Space Marines. However, we are just flexing our imaginations and trying to make races and factions that would fit into the Warhammer 40K universe. Without disturbing the background too much.

Also, hard mode, it must be non-humanoid.

I was thinking about a race of lion-sized nautiloids (see image) with a clan-based structure. They wear biomechanical diving suits that contain a hydrating chemical and close any punctures with muscular action, mechanical gills that allow indefinite respiration in air and synthetic legs and claws in order to travel the surface. Over the suit, they wear armour crafted from the shells of their ancestors. Their society revolves around heat and warmth and it is symbolic for them to inhale the ashes of their enemies. Helping this out is the fact that most of their weapons are radiation-based. Their background generally involves a lack of any psychic activity whatsoever and a complete unawareness of it. So, they send out millions of colony ships containg nautiloids in suspended animation, aiming to land on selected planets and deposit their cargo. However, their homeworld was attacked by the Imperium and after dozens of decades of siege, were eventually wiped out with virus bombing and Exterminatus. So, now the colony ships all encounter different fates and the surviving colonies become mercenary clans.

I just have an image of a massive nautiloid clasping a struggling guardsman with one claw while it incinerates it using a tentacle-held thermal torch, inhaling its ashes in the process. That's what made me come up with the idea.
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Being the staple livestock of the Imperium and all, what does grox look like?
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D & D

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So /tg/, I'm fairly new to Dungeons and Dragons.

My only question is that is there a class I can create that specializes in crafting bombs and traps?
Or in general if I were to become a weaponscrafter, what can I make?

Are there even any bombs in the D&D world?
What about various powders?

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bla bla bla, /tg/ I need halp.

I'm trying to turn the smelter into an all purpose weapon and stuff creator. However; I've run into a snag.

Currently; you can't access the [p] window for the smelter unless you have coal; which kobolds can't start with.

Now; that brings me to the question: If I remove all the regular smelting stuff; what will happen? Will civillizations outside of mine be no longer able to smelt stuff? And more importantly: will it allow me to access my non-fuel requiring stuff?

pic related; cuz kobolds are awesome.

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Dorf Fortress Thread.
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Hey /tg/, are there any Samurai/feudal Japan themed warhammer type tabletop game, if not maybe only models you can paint and shit?
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