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Utawarerumono wallpapers, mutikapa gets bonus !
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Desktop Thread Go!
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Kare Kano Walls

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this is the only one i have thats above the Pixel minimum....and requesting one with three Miyazawas on mics
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Can it be blood time noaw?

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Does anyone have any Kannagi wallpaper they're willing to post? I have a whole folder of her, but no wallpaper...
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Reborn anyone?
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Finished Gurren Lagann

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Post Nia and/or Simon walls from the first or second part of the series. Other cats are fine too if it's a damn good background,

Soul Eater

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Uhh yeah, I was working on this vector, but the thread 404'd so I'm just postin' my progress, only the background left, so yeah, here ya go. In the mean-time, Soul Eater thread, please.
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Vocaloid 3

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Bonus points for Ed~
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