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Soul Eater 34

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Fuck, I didn't expect these "new" characters to be quite so awesome
(new in that we've not really seen them do anything so far in the show)

Can't go wrong with a move called "APHEX TWIN"
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Just posting some love.
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I have to intervene /a/, I can't stand having an NGE thread around here. So it's that time again!
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What does /a/ think of english-language anime magazines such as anime insider, Otaku U.S.A, and the now out of print Newtype-USA? I've always found them to be utterly useless as a source of information, even when I was still a newfag back in the late 90s. They just seem to be one long marketing gimmick developed by US anime distributors to promote their titles.
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My internet is acting retarded right now, and I have nothing better to do and can do nothing more productive than to start another anime related confessions thread.

I'm a bit worried because I think I enjoyed reading Girl Friends a little too much.Also thanks to anime I fear I may have developed an older brother complex... (is it called an onii-chan complex if a little sister complex is called an imouto complex?)
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Underrated anime appreciation thread go!
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ITT: we try to describe our personalities using animu/mango characters.
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crossover time
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