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>post yami image
>get a 5
>instant metathread
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Off by 1? Ha!

Only a BAKA is off by 1!
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7 years of waiting.


It's a pity this series will probably go the way of continued serious like I:TFA and FMA:B.

But as long as I get DESU, I don't care.
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Since it's sunday and I have nothing else to do, I just translated and edited the last chapter of Evangelion for you guys.

This is a one-man effort so pls don't shit on me, enjoy!


Also submitted at Batoto, not sure when it'll get approved
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ITT: Annoying shit

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Girls don't moan after being touched like that. Why the fuck do I see it in every Romance/Ecchi/Hentai
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Slice of Harem general

We have the concept of an anime genre in which the MC is not the guy who gets a harem (AKA the guy who always no matter what sits by the window), but instead a random classmate of the Harem Guy.

>Id really love to see an anime where the MC is the generic background character on the opposite side of the classroom when this shit happens.
That sentence stated it all. Other ideas are as follows:

>His inner monologues would be hilarious:
> Why does that group have to be loud in the middle of a test?
> Why are they being so dramatic?
> Why are all these girls throwing themselves on him?
> I wonder what's for lunch.

>He'd also go about his life like a regular person, worrying about tests, eventually meeting a girl, a slow relationship starts up, all with that "annoying harem" running around in the backdrop, occasionally having very emotional arguments, much to the MC's annoyance.

>I'm just imagining this S1 finale where MC finally gets enough and just breaks up the harem, emotionally wounding everyone there.

>It should have the audience think the harem MC is the actual MC at the beginning until he reaches the classroom, where the camera pans over to the MC and he says, "Oh, you thought that guy was the main protagonist of this story?"

>tsundere is beating up the harem lead
>MC calls the cops

>>Half of cast arrested and charged for public indecency.
>Second season is about how MC somehow ends up in same cell as harem guy for whatever reason and HG gets a prison harem.

>reading a magazine on the bus
>glossing over a harem manga with the MC being fed by girls at lunch
>"Pfft like that happens in real life"
>goes to school and sees the exact scene

So yes, Slice of Harem general. Will be posting the other ideas we had.
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ITT: Daily doses of years past.
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