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The Appeal of the Anonymous BBS

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Are you just getting started on 4chan, or do you consider yourself an expert?

Have you visited 4chan's text boards? If so, are you aware of the Japanese roots that they've grown from? If not, why not?

Enough questions. It's time for some answers, and you'll get them in this informative one-hour presentation from Otakon 2006.

Panel hosted by Anonymous-san, MrVacBob, Pixel, and Spork.

(August 4, 2006)

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Good morning, /con/.

How much money did you spend in this last Otakon?

I mean, not what you bought in there, like manga, porn, etc. but how much did you spend in like transportation from where you live to Baltimore (bus? plane? on foot?), hotel fees, food, stuff like that.

The reason is that i'm planning on going to the next Otakon, and i live quite far from there :o

(pic not related)
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who was the guy at otakon who had the messenger bag with all the pins on the strap, more specifically the cock mongler pin

i want one

4chan: The Otakon 2006 Panel

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The 4chan panel at Otakon 2006 is now ready for you to download!

This is the first of a series that will include the Anonymous BBS panel and Aftermath.

Thanks to moot and everyone on Team 4chan for putting on an excellent panel. Enjoy!

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FanEXPO 2006 September 1st

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Downtown Toronto.
Anyone here going to be there? I'm hoping to see some see/avoid familiar faces, finish my Shinn Asuka cosplay, meet the creator of G Gundam, and see what kind of havok the Conventioneers (from Bite TV) may cause. :3
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ITT WE POST OUR COSTUMES and see if we recognize anyone because thats FUN.
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Are you in this picture?

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Are you?
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I sat next to Snacks at the panel! Really! When I came in, I just sat down next to this girl at the end of the row, she had the next seat over reserved, I paid no attention. Much to my surprise, the owner of the reserved seat was none other than Snacks! No this is not a copypasta, I just took the picture off my camera, I almost never got around to getting it off. Anyhow, anyone else have any interesting stories? And, in addition, who were the two mods that sat next to Moot and the other guy half way through the panel?
Lots of wuv,
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ITT WE RAPTOR JESUS! All hail and thank you for such a great sermon!
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