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[1121899112] 2FORGET

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What is the point of 2GETTING when there are no post counts to harvest?
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[1396731957] Webm and 'image'boards

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Hello, I'm sorry if this is inappropriate as I am a newcomer to this board but I figured this would be the best place to discuss this. Hopefully I am not imposing myself or breaking any spoken or unspoken rules. If I am I apologize.

Now on to the topic at hand, some of you may know that recently on /g/ there have been stickies where there was testing of the posting of a format called webm. webm is an open source html5 audio-video container. This means that there is a good possibility that soon there may be the ability to post videos to the image boards. However as of now the sound has been disabled and stripped from all uploads, and ostensibly the reason for this format being tested is to see if it can replace gif with better compression and filesizes. To me, this is an interesting proposition, on one hand I do not think I am entirely opposed to something replacing gif. On the other hand I do wonder if every post can contain a minute or more of good quality video(far more can be squeezed in if liberties are taken with the quality), sans sound, if something very basic and inherent to our image boards as we have known them will change. Furthermore I fear what would happen if it could so easily be changed into video with sound, it seems like if that happens we may lose part of what makes image boards unique by allowing content hosting like that.  I can't quite articulate what that would be at the moment, and I very well may be wrong.

Some would say that this is me being against progress, but I do not see it as such, I do not see progress as destroying what you were in the first place to become something new. Is this a foolish outlook?

Well that's my thoughts on the matter at the moment. What do you think, am I simply too sentimental and trapped in the past, or is there something to it? If there will be changes, will it be for the better or for the worse? I would like to hear your ideas on the matter.


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[1142899613] Get rid of /l/

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lolicon = the devil. death to not4chan for it is illegal.
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[1161546011] saving an entire thread

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Anyone know how to save an entire thread on 4chan, including thumbnails and full size images, all at once, without saving each indiviual file?
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[1103888040] What's the difference between..

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what's the difference between 2ch & 2channel? Now to complicate my head further, what's the difference between 4chan & 4channel? I'm guessing 4channel is the work-safe boards of 4chan for donation TOS purposes. But since Yowcow/paypal are gone is there a point for that? Thanks
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[1239823850] What is bb-code here?

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I haven't found any FAQ on bb-code here, so I'll try to figure it out myself.


inb4 lolnewfag lurk moar fail etc etc
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[1255785570] Secret Raid Board?

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/g/ told me there is a secret raid board.

Is this true?
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[1395283025] Boards

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/b/ (normalfag reddit shit)
/v/ (Awful culture and full of reddit)
/soc/ (facebook tier retards)

Watch 4chan change for the better.

[1111770404] Tripcodes

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How do folks get words in their tripcodes?  Is there an online form that'll let me do this?
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