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Time to Rage /v/
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The game that may change your life.

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1. Download this game, or purchase it from the bargain bin. It's for Xbox, PS2, and PC. All versions are easily accessible for free on the interbutts, IIRC.

2. Install it.

3. Start it up and set up a profile.

4. Work out.

5. Win the game = win in real life.
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Did /v/ generally agree with this?
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So /v/, I'm considering buying Beyond Good and Evil. Which version should I get, PC, PS2 or Xbax? I have a ps2 and a tree siddy.

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feels bad man

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Happy Chocobo is happy.

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why the hell did I buy this shit?
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Anime =! Games

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Ok so this is a branch off of that other pokemon topic (>>23475660) . What I hate the most when discussing pokemon logic is when someone says something to the effect of "I saw on the anime..."

Since when did anime canon = game canon? This really annoys me. Especially because they seem to be picking and chosing what they want to make sense. For instance, they can say "pokebals shouldn't be used up because in the anime, they return to the trainer's hands) yet in another anime discussion people are like "lol thunder armor." It just really annoys me.

I mean, why do people look to the anime for answers when we're discussing the nuances of the game universe? They are two very different things with different rules to their world.
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