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by Prince Ali and Princess Marina Ismail

I can show you your world
Burning, terrified, shouting
Tell me, Princess, now when have
You seen this many people die?

I'll force open your eyes
Take you building by bulding
Let you see the mass grave sites
On a hellish Gundam ride

A whole new world
No more Azadistan for you
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can we have a Freespace 2 thread? recently checked out the wiki for this and i forgot how fuckwin this game is. Pix, walls, general thoughts, anything
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So remember the topic about Fighbird, and how great it was that the series was finished getting subbed? Why didn't anyone mention to me that it was subtitled in ITALIAN or SPANISH or WHATEVER and not english?!


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At what time does it airs in Japan? Watching stream, etc etc.

Also, drinking game for this chapter is already up?

Crack theory of the day.

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Ingram Plisken is a Time Diver. The mantle of time diver is passed on through some kind of transfer in whatever Astranagant variant the successor is in at the time.

Dr. Who is a Time Lord. He regenerates into new forms by a transfer of energy in the TARDIS.

What if, by some strage coincidence, there was one other Time Lord who survived the destruction of Galafre? What if that Time Lord's TARDIS was broken, and could not decide where and when it ended up in the multiverse when it travelled? In a last ditch to make it out of the Time War, he flung himself and the TARDIS into a different dimension by harnessing the power of a secret he'd been entrusted with, an cylinder of infinite length? And what if, after this, he emerged near the planet Balmar, fusing his TARDIS with the passing mech of one Balmarian man named Ingram Plisken?

What if Ingram Plisken is actually the missing brother of The Doctor, seperated at birth by war and a cruel fate? What if, after surviving this ordeal, he realized he was not a man who was a lord of time, but rather one who could merely dive through it, doing his best to preserve and protect the dimensions?

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Does Linebarrels get good once the mc stops being a massive prick whenever that is.

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What did you hate the most out of Gundam SEED Destiny? Since it's so hated afterall.

Main thing for me was the recycled fights and stupid excuses for stuff like Cagalli is crying.
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Hi fags, look what i got
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