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80's mecha thread

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Last 70s thread died >>8817988
80's thread time,you all know the drill by now,next stop after this,the 90s.
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80's mecha thread

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>>8805886 Old thread died
Pics/music/artwork anything goes
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BattleTech Thread

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So uh, which house is your favorite? I have to go with Steiner because assaults > everything else.
Also, battletech general.
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Yoshiyuki Tomino talk about Evangelion

>I was very upset when I saw Evangelion, because it was apparent to me that the people who made it weren't thinking at all about making fun for or gaining the sympathy of the audience. Instead they tried to convince the audience to admit that everybody is sick, practically in the middle of a nervous breakdown, all the time. I don't think you should show things like that to everybody. It's not entertainment for the masses--it's much more interested in admitting that we're all depressed nervous wrecks, I thought. It was a work that told people it was okay to be depressed, and it accepted the psychological state that said if you don't like the way the world works, then it's okay to just pick up a gun and attack someone. I don't think that's a real work of art. When people see that, they begin to realize they are the same way. I think that we should try to show people how to live healthier, fuller lives, to foster their identity as a part of their community, and to encourage them to work happily until they die. I can't accept any work that doesn't say that.

Animerica: Is that different from your downbeat endings?

>Tomino: I make sure my audience knows it's fiction and that what happens to my characters doesn't necessarily say anything about their own lives. [Animerica magazine (Vol 8 #2, March 2000)]
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Red Thread

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So, my uncle passed away. Well, technically he wasn't my uncle, but he might as well have been and that's what I always called him.

He served in his local fire department for a long time, and had an affinity for all things red. So in his honor, I'd like to start a red mecha thread. Any and all red mechs are acceptable.

You fought against cancer and won, and lived a good life into your 80s. This one's for you, Russ.
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Hey, is anyone hungry?



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I used to love to pilot mobile suits. Your grandaddy was the best Oldtype pilot of the war. Moe was my wingman. Called himself Mo'Gundams.

How would you like to hear a little story about the One Year War?
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So I'm about to request a custom MS lineart using regular linearts. SO far I was thinking of having the Geara Dogas head, Gouf Customs Torso, Nemo Shield in place of the gouf shield, the tallgees legs, and the Epyons heat rod on the right arm. My question here is if anyone thinks this might look good or if there were some parts they tink might suit it better. I am definitely keeping the dogas head though. Also lineart general.
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