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I'd like to take a quick survey if you have the time. Fill in the boxes as they relate to you.

[ ] - I enjoy post-rock.
[ ] - I use recreational drugs.
[ ] - One or more of these words has been used to describe me: hipster, pretentious, elitist.

Thank you for your help.


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............................ wat.

who thought it was a good idea to let these guys get popular.
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and i said: fly on my sweet angel...
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Dream theater, yea or nay?
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Must have classical music.

anything you consider amazing classical.
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Good DM

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This shit renewed my faith in the death metal genre, so I need more. Any suggestions /mu/?

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ITT we discuss the best concert we have ever been to.

Pic related, it's the stub from mine.
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Does anyone have a collection of Pavement EPs ?

"Summer Babe" • "Trigger Cut" • "Cut Your Hair" • "Gold Soundz" • "Range Life" • "Rattled by la Rush" • "Dancing with the Elders/Chemical" • "Father to a Sister of Thought" • "Stereo" • "Shady Lane" • "Spit on a Stranger" • "Carrot Rope" • "Major Leagues"

I've only found Major Leagues, Spit On A Stranger and Shady Lane. Does anyone have more? Been looking everywhere.

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possibly the best metal nowadays
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