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It's probably too early for another classical sharethread, but I just upped these and there's no other sharethread going on to post them in either, so:

Alban Berg - Drei Orchesterstücke, Violinkonzert, Drei Stücke aus der Lyrischen Suite


and the link to the big classical sharethread (for those who might have missed it): http://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/mu/thread/S37639582
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Anyone want any of pic related? If not, requestit, if i have it i will upload.
>requesting: any Made in Heights, Lovesliescrushing (not Bloweyelashwish or Ghost Colored Halo. i have those), or Letting Up Despite Great Faults (i already have the self-titled album)
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Can somebody explain the whole "fedora" thing and what does it even have to do with music?
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ITT: Post the absolute worst piece of trash that has ever been used as album "artwork"

Picture more than related.

Also, is there anybody with more consistently awful album covers than Master P?
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>no general share thread
>make one

Army of Lovers - Big Battle of Egos
>symphonic disco-pop, really eclectic and almost experimental at times, pretty much all their essential tracks

Sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evJPfngo1b8
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MEGA's back up, let's get this shit started

Avail - Satiate [1992]

be sure to check the archive at http://rbt.asia/mu/ before you make a request
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Alright, /mu/. Let's have a sharethread. I'll post a few albums from my collection. Feel free to post some stuff as well, since I'm on the lookout for new music. Let me prefix this by saying that this is my first sharethread and it might suck. If you like the albums here please buy a shirt or something from the guys. They're all great people.

The Taxpayers - To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal (2012, Plan-It-X Records)
>Folk-punk, hardcore
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Help me /mu/
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4G - Cloud (2005)

Moreso than even Cage's 4"33, "Cloud" really draws your attention to the minute details of the ambiance of any setting. Quiet sustained tones underscoring the piece that means that even at its most uneventful, silence never truly exists on this album. The quick, startling jumps from the drone to a fragment of sound - a clip of music, an inaudibly high-pitched tone, a chaotic distorted buzzing that interrupts the tranquility of piece - all of this interrupts the subtle, nuanced ambiance that Rowe, Ambarchi and company have created here. These interruptions fade away as quickly and starkly as they were introduced, and the album returns to a haunting, ominous ambiance. Despite its length, this album never ceases to engage you, with every buzzing pitch or pattering glitch drawing the listener to the edge of their seat. A great collaboration between a group of true virtuosos.


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ITT: "Happy ending" versions of famous albums.

>he saves her in some sort of time machine
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