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Best porn video

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/hm/ what's your favorite video, that gets you off every single time, and you always come back to it?

I'll start:
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Continuation of this big muscle thread!
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What's you guiltiest porn? I can't find it now, but a few weeks ago I watched this vintage porn of this deaf kid getting raped by an older man.

When I was hard I pretended that the raper was his drunk dad.

I felt horrible as soon as I busted.

What's your guilty porn?
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/hm/ Film Recommendation Thread/Spreadsheet

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The list is currently unorganized and I planned to organize by genre as I don't think there are enough english films for them to have their category. Asian films on the other hand...
I'd like to remind you guys there are also other subsheets to list short films, notes, and non-film recommendations. There might be need more more subsheets, so just suggest them for now.

Links to some of these films are to follow someday.
List the changes you have made to the Sheet Notes
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searched all 10 pages, and no good gif thread.

post your handsomest gifs in hurr
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Hot Country Guys?
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Hot army guys naked?
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Blonde guys, post em. Bonus if they're older/husky/stocky/hairy
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here are some of my troll videos

all include cum shots


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hottest amateur gay vids??

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i mostly use xtube and sogayboy to find amateur vids. post your favorites!

pic is from my favorite video by skaden11: http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=V32Wb-G663-
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