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cheating/creampie/cuckold thread

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cheating/creampie/cuckold thread
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no facial expression cumshots. this is a really difficult one to do, but i want to see moments captured where the woman has clearly just been used as a cumrag, and she knows it.

even my example here isn't the best, i've seen better, but i need to up my collection.

it doesn't matter the situation, the girl has cum in/on her, and her face and eyes are empty of any and all emotion. PLEASE BE VERY PICKY IN THE PICS YOU POST! let's try to make this a thread worth archiving.
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How's a good, old-fashioned threesome thread sound? It's the Holy Mountain of sex, unless you've had a foursome.

Foursomes welcome too. Fuck it, multiple females with one dude general.
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Creampie/Impregnation Thread

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Just me or is this a big turn on to the rest of /hc/? Never really understood the obsession with cumming on a girl's face/tits/ass, but emptying yourself into her and see it spill out of her always gets me turned on. Gf always lets me cum inside her, she's on birth control, but when I'm away at college, I can never find any good creampie morning that isn't just 2 min clips

TL:DR great creampie porn vids/sites/ young actresses
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Who do you think has the prettiest face in porn?

I'd say Jessie Rogers is definitely up there.
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older/ugly guys giving it to younger/hotter women

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cum covered gangbangs

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Alright, so I'm gonna be dumping pics of girls getting jizzed on. In return, please help me out here. I love watching girls get fucked by dozens of men, getting their pussies stuffed with cocks and cum, and all the while getting loads of jizz shot all over them while they continuously get fucked. I've found a few videos like this, but most of the gangbangs I find only have bukkake endings, and honestly I'm not a huge fan of just cum on the face. I love watching the slut(s) get jizzed on continuously while she milks cock after cock, over and over.
and like i said, in return, all the pics that I love. enjoy!
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Huge Ass Hardcore

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Amateur Anal thread GO!
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anyone interested in some vintage hc?
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