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Thank You Card to Based Faust READ THE RULES v2.0

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Ok /mlp/, We are going to build a giant card for Lauren Faust to thank her, because we don't know for how much she has gone through.

Seeing this EG shit must sadden her more, so lets cheer her up pinkie style

So make a drawing, any software is okay, but make it .png
Also, make the drawing small, we're making this 5000x5000 so we should use like 200*200 each pic or so, dont worry ill resize them.

You can make several entries or excede the limit if you want, and if it is worth it.

Lets do this shit and remeber, it doesn't matter if its not pretty, the important thing is that you made it
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You Laugh You Lose

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Easy: Laughing so hard your sides are splitting
Medium: No giggles
Hard: No facial reaction at all
Impossible: You lose
Let's freaking see who posts the best one. I think I'll start with a classic...
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Name my Rocket Launcher /mlp/

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Turns out that items granted by steam support don't keep their names. That means I need a new name for my Rocket Launcher

88 or 45 decides

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Pink Pone is Best Pone General

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Daily "why Pinkie Pie is awesome" thread. Once you go Pink you don't go... uh... to the sink?
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Greetings Nor/mlp/eople

So it is once again that time of week. A time to stop and appreciate the wonders of the My Little Pony comic. As you may or may not know a new issue came out today. The first in a new arc.So without further adieu I suppose we should jump right into it.

If you are one of those people that just prefer to download the comics here is a link to my media fire for you. http://www.mediafire.com/?7seu2929494px
I also recommend grabbing some other comics while you are there.
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comic thread

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Let's have a comic thread.
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Give me your shit

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ITT: we post all of our screen-caps from this board
I'll start.
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hey guis i'm feeling a little feely today...
can we share some feelerinos?

>tfw no amount of pillows can replace the feel of no pone gf
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Anon thread?
Anon thread
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doubles decides which one
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