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XBox 360 is completely inferior than PS3

720p max video
100mb Ethernet
no MGS4
no GT5
pay for online play

Enjoy ur red ring of death

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hey /b/. my girlfriend just broke up with me.
I have few friends and non of them i am able to go
to when i have to talk to people about this.. so i came to you.
i always say we are legion and that we are all togehter as one
but do we actually care about each other? i just am asking for
someone to tell me its going to be ok.. is anyone out their that cares?
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Ok /b/, I'm a die-hard Christian. Break my faith, I dare you.
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You know what to do.
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Georgia-fags report in.


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I want it to end. Give me some ideas of how I can kill myself painlessly. Right now I'm thinking overdosing on something. No one will find me for a while because no one ever visits anyway.
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Can it be emo cutter girl tiem nao?