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Rate my cock /b/
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google image search [your name] the hedgehog
cringe at the autism
post results

"john the hedgehog"
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So im currently in love with this chick from a movie called hardcore partying. Does anyone know of a name or anything else she is in? Will post more screens or link to the torrent if you wish
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Stand clear, /b/. I'm about to attempt science.
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Loli stories and pics.
I want to hear some
Pic unrelated
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Hello random. I am a 13 year old blond girl who feels alienated from her peers and a distant, uninvolved father and I would sure love to chat with a father figure who is willing to cross state lines.

My interests are pokeymans and all things that are kowaii.
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I started dating this girl in 2007 and we split earlier this year. At the beginning of the relationship, she claimed to be sterile. I made it clear I didn't want kids, and I viewed her sterility as a major plus in the relationship.

What I discovered a couple of weeks ago has made me physically ill at the thought of it, and I actually puked the night I found out. Athena was pregnant on multiple occasions, and she hid the pregnancies from me on 25 occasions. Each time she got pregnant, she got the embryo transplanted into a surrogate without my knowledge, never more than 5 weeks into the pregnancy so there were no physical warning signs for me to pick up on. Her parents are extraordinarily wealthy and paid for the procedures and surrogate mothers. I got home from work one night and my girlfriend and her stuff were gone. Left on the table was a note telling me that I would be held responsible for the child support for 29 children (25 singleton and 4 twin pregnancies). 17 girls and 12 boys, ranging in age from
a few months to almost 6 years old. She left me at least one photo of each child, their birthdate, birth weight, blood type, finger and foot impression, and a copy of each of their birth certificates. The note went on to explain that if I cared at all about my children, I would play an active role in their lives and voluntarily provide $10,000/year in financial aid for each of the children, a total of $290,000/year, or it would be taken by force through a court.

I really have no doubt I'm the father of every one of them, biologically speaking, but this woman went out of her way to force me into EXTREME fatherhood. How can I avoid legal/financial responsibility for what is obviously an act of malice on her part?

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mommy less thread

Post your favorite

Post something you can't believe is still up

Fun Fact: I love self shot bating videos and voyeur myself

My favorite bating video 0055CBF
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DRUGS... don't do 'em kids.

was going through my old collection of pics and i have a ton of pics that i took when i was using.

does anyone wanna see 'em?

some naaky girls in 'em
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more pics like this?
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