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al|together Day 3: The Letter

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It's out. Again, I am astounded by the length of the piece, which will then proceed to be outstripped by the 'literary analysis' that our dear Seung Park et al. will inflict us with shortly.
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Haha, oh, wow.
(Greetings from /x/)
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So how many people on /jp/ actually play shmups or "STGs" other than touhou?

We occasionally have a thread about (or hijacked by) Cave, and I've seen passing mentions to Gradius, Batrider and Blue Wish Resurrection. But, it seems to be a vocal few anonymous posters and tripfag ZUN.
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OK so let's pretend for a minute you did get a loli.

How would she fit into your NEET lifestyle?

She can't just sit in the corner while you browse /jp/ all day, can she?

Will you just cook two packs of ramen instead of one?
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Unusually many people from Japan downloading my torrent.
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Is /jp/ still a trial board?
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