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the timberwolves have been sucking for years. he needs a new team. where do you think KG will most likely end up at?
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How do I waste budget?

Seriously... I may be one of the most fervent fans of the Red Sox, at least in this board, but damn... there are not enough words in the english vocabulary to express how much I abhor the Theocracy

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ITT: Post your greatest College Football teams of all time.

My pick is the 01 Miami Hurricanes. The 05 USC squad could have been the best had they not lost to the University of Vince Young.
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Since it is THE quintessential play in all of college football, you'd think there'd be a vid of it that wasn't crappy lo-res, like the ones on YouTube, etc.

Does anyone have a hi-res version of The Play?
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Grossman needs to be benched for Griese, before this pic becomes related.

Around the Horn

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You'd think that after 3 straight days of getting hosed, the man would put on a freaking tie!
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"I plan on being at West Virginia the rest of my career," Rodriguez repeatedly stated in an interview with the Wheeling (West Va.)

After Rodriguez’s representatives negotiated with Alabama Athletics Director Mal Moore for most of today, Rodriguez has told Alabama officials he is ready to take the job offer he received this morning.

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Yet Another Punter With A Knife

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"NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- A Vanderbilt punter faces assault charges after police said he hit his ex-girlfriend and a teammate and then threatened him with a knife in the off-campus apartment the two players shared."

So what is it with punters and knives this year?