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Forging and Bladesmithing General

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I started forging custom blades as a side hobby and it’s turned into a decent side business.
Here’s my personal advice on getting started yourself.

Knifemaking falls into four steps:

1) Forging (optional)
2) Heat-treating (optional)
3) Stock-removal
4) Sharpening

Knifemaking on an industrial scale is done by what is called “stock removal” wherein a bar of certain quality steel that has already been heat-treated at the mill is machined to a knife-like shape using CNC equipment. No name-brand knives that you find in a store were actually forged by the maker. It is entirely possible to make knives yourself using stock removal techniques without having to invest in CNC equipment. A simple bench grinder or a sanding disk on a drill will suffice. However, if you want to get serious you will need a belt grinder with both slack space and a vertical platen. 2x48 and 2x72 are the best grinders you can get for the task. Good quality 2x48 and 2x72 grinders are expensive, but they generally have a 20+ year life expectancy and the motor can always be replaced. The grinder frame will last forever. It is certainly possible to build your own grinder as well for under $100, but that is outside the scope of this tutorial.
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Let's Build a Flying V!

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OK fellas, here's the deal -

Just got my Flying V Template set, so it's time to make the test guitar.

I have a lot of poplar cuts just laying around that I haven't touched, a cherry neck that I cut up a long time ago, and some odds and ends I figure I'll finally use with this one.

So, here's Day 1 of Let's Build a Flying V!
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Calling all Self-Employed/Entrepreneurial/Self-Supporting types.

I'd like to start this thread for a 'definitive' how-to make money, what do you do for money, general self business thread.

So all you guys that have legitimate businesses from real estate to e-commerce share your info, take questions, help out poorfags to start making money on the side or how to get into the business and also as I am interested in getting into side businesses

No pimps/porn stars/drug dealers.

I'm currently in the Construction/Green Energy industry as a General Contractor (GC) any questions relating to this field I can help.
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Pedal makers

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Are there any guitar effect builders here anymore?

I haven't been around here for a few months because of the massive clusterfuck this place has turned into. So fill me in

tl;dr General guitar/bass effects thread
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Info thread because I didn't see one on the first 5 pages.
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Pip-Boy-esque Smartphone Bracer

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Sup /diy/nosaurs,

I'm working on a forearm bracer for my phone, sorta inspired by the Pip-boy from Fallout. My prototype currently has a case for the phone and an external rechargeable battery, and secures to my arm with two big fat belts of velcro which are glued to the back of the phone case. (The battery pack is not secured to the contraption yet.)

While this works, I know velcro has a limited lifespan and I would like to work something up with side-release buckles or similar, with belts that could be easily replaced should they wear out.

The bracer needs to cinch down fairly tight and not wiggle around; I'm thinking I could cut a bracer out of leather (I have some veg-tan hide in the garage) and line the inside with wetsuit rubber so that it doesn't slide around on my arm. Not sure how comfortable having rubber friction-welded to my arm all day would be, though.

I searched around online for bracers and archery arm guards but couldn't find anything that would cinch down tight enough or be durable enough to wear daily.

I may rig up some additional sensors or some shit to interface with the phone.

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Hey /diy/ wassup

Let's get an infograph thread going.

Pic related.
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ITT: making money and having sustainable income without a 9-5 job

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I know that some of you do it, and I know it can be done.
So let's all share secrets.

Hard mode-no car
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Hand made album packaging!

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Hey /diy/,

Here's a recent project I did to hand make the CD packaging of my band's album. Its nothing complex or totally inventive, but it turned out to be a pretty rad and inexpensive art project that saved me a few hundred bucks so I thought I'd share with you guise, especially anyone that might be looking to do something similar

Back in Feb my band released a new album, but we wwere pretty scrapped for cash and didn't have the $800-something to throw out to get a few hundred CDs pressed and printed (and that's pretty much the lowest you're going to find for ~500 professionally pressed and printed CD/case/booklet, and good luck finding a place that will print anything less than 500, if that).

We're not signed or anything so its all out of my pocket and I had kind of given up on getting hard copies pressed for awhile and was just going to release it digitally until I had that "fuck that, why can't I do it myself?" thought that always leads to great things.

More incoming...
captcha: corpso addlers. pool
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Dear /diy/,

How Do I enlight myself, how do I become a better human ?
What teachings must I learn ?
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