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who was the fella with the highest K:D on D-Day, specifically the guy who had overheated both barrels on his MG42 and had to use his kar98 until it melted.

in return, mg42s
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Sticks banned in UK

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"78 year old retired teacher Philip Clarkson Webb was walking down the street with his walking stick when he found himself surrounded by Police who took his walking stick away saying it was an "offensive weapon". He was then left to shuffle along the street as best he could with no walking aid. To add insult to injury, when he later took his receipt in to ask for it back, he was told they had lost it"

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Those lib fags say we should make guns illegal...
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It's a clip. It goes in a Grand. It goes ping.

New York Fags report in

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New york /k/ommando discussion, Orange County fag here
Unlike California, New York is not completely hopeless, yet
Discussion about how you get around the states AWB
About obtaining Pistol ownership Permits, CCW, etc.
And laws - it appears thar a micro-stamping bill is being put through the state assembly, and now since the state senate is majority democrat it appears that the AWB may be ammended and made more restrictive.

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USA is bragging about there ballistic missile defences but how good are those defences to withstand an Electromagnetic pulse?
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so what are the differences between a single caliber and a multi caliber AR receiver and why should i get one over the other?

also, what does /k/ think of del-ton for a plinking/range gun?
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Im now real operator

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What's up /k/ommandos. I just finished Finland Defence Forces Nato standarded EOD 1 course which makes me an EOD operator. A real. Mutherfucking. OPERATOR.

Ask me anything about EOD jobs/equipments and Ill try to answer.
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