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Hey guys, I know this isn't exactly weapons related, but as a lot of you guys are military, or enjoy that sort of thing, I think you'll appreciate it.

My dad was a Navy Seal back in the 80's and earlier tonight told me about his experiences in SERE School (Survival, Escape and Resistance).

For those of you who don't know, SERE school involves being placed in the mountains of Maine and evading capture for as long as possible. The men pursuing you are US military, but trained to roleplay enemy soldiers extremely accurately and with no break in character.

When you're caught, you're sent to a 3 day POW camp simulation that's extremely realistic. You are stripped of all human dignity, made to strip naked and squat awkwardly in freezing cold concrete cells, deprived of food, subjected to torture (waterboarding, beatings, smoke blown in your face), and the interrogators attempt to get you to sign your name on a document (for obvious reasons). All in all, it's a hellish experience designed to weed out those unfit for special forces, and to prepare you as well as possible for an actual POW camp.

There's much more to it that you can find on Google. My father showed me this video, and said that, to this day 30 years later, he hears it in his dreams. He said that on the second night, they played it all night at full volume, over and over again. Listen to this, and imagine yourself in that situation.

Again, this isn't weapons, but as I'm sure at least a few of you have been through SERE, you could offer your own stories about it, and we'll get an interesting thread going.

For a good time, listen to the whole two hours, at a decent volume, and report back on your mental status.