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[1396847195] J programming language

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J is one of the most widespread programming language with an insane level of difficulty that I personally have ever seen, not including esoteric programming languages (i.e. brainfuck, whitespace).

Are there any languages that /prog/ has found to be widely deployed but insanely difficult to learn? inb4 ASM
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[1396838670] teledildonics

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you will never suck your girlfriend's penis over the internet
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[1396882906] That was VIP quality!

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I am the 1000 of my GET.
VIP is my body, and kopipe is my blood.
I have created over 999 posts.
Unaware of /b/.
Nor aware of fchan.
Withstood bans to create many flamewars.
Waiting for one's arrival.
I have no regrets, this was the only path.
My whole life was Unlimited Troll Works.

[1304381575] /prog/ Challenge #9002

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The task:

Print strings from "a" to "zzzzz" without using any loop or conditional statements. Don't just write all 1000 permutations out by hand. The output should look like this:

inb4 lipthfags and dead dogs using some obscure functionality of their obscure languages.
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[1339576156] An OPEN letter to Lambda A. Calculus

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This really is too much, Lambda. Your obsession with C has dangerously eroded your sense of reality. Why don't you adopt a nice and healthy lifestyle like the rest of us?
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[1396850495] Abelsons fat schlong

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Ask a balding man-child learning PHP at 22 years old anything

[1360383053] The worst thread of all time

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This is the worst thread of all time. Many will try, but none shall ever make a thread as bad as this one.
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[1396813424] Trying to get friend back into C++

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I have a referral I want to give to a struggling friend, but it requires solid C++ skills and he hasn't coded in C++ in 1.5 years.
He's a big security guy and the company does national security; I think it would be great for him.

How can I help him brush up on his C++?
Our school's core was C++
and he's done some DirectX in C++
So the foundation is there, he just needs a reminder.
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[1369714221] Magical Computing

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Would it be possible for a wizard to create a universal Turing machine that had an infinite amount of memory?

Also, if we could master magic, do you think that it would be possible to create a separate pocket universe for a computer, that could perform exhaustive searches of an infinite problem space in a way that would seem instant when observed from this universe?
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[1396648721] 4chan now supports video uploads

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Check out /g/ right now. IT'S HAPPENING
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