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ITT: Pokémon suicide notes. I'll begin.

It was never my fault I had to be as unhurried as I am.

Everyone either simply points and laughs at my lack of fleetness, or shakes their head and turns away in contempt. I honestly can't remember the last time that anyone has ever acknowledged me for my strengths as a fighter. Everyone rather just holds the stereotype of my signature flaw, and throws me off into the PC box, never to be heard from or cared about again.

No matter what, I'm always left behind, the latest of the bloomers, the thickest of bricks, the slowest of the slow.

However, today's going to be different. See you soon.
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Coming soon to a theater near you:
Starring Will Ferrell as RED, the recently laid off office clerk who has decided to use his new found free time to finally live up his dream of becoming POKEMON MASTER! Professor Oak, a local community college battle instructor played by Rob Riggle, is hesitant about starting a man slightly older than him on his journey at first but quickly gives in and gifts the man with a Pikachu, voiced internally by Aziz Ansari. The role of Blue, Red's former coworker who once lived the life of a pokemon trainer, now attempts to crush Red's dream. Blue is played by Adam Scott.
It is a timeless tale of overcoming adversity and living your dreams!
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Pokécomics general
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I uhm, I don't come to /vp/ much any more. Haven't in like... two years. But I went to the Pokemon Center in Osaka today. Would anyone be interested in seeing some pictures?
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/vp/ draws pokemon

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Alright let's do this.
Pic related
(It's back from the times when /vp/ was not around. If you get a number higher than 649 do the same)
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>Not using legendaries in E4 battles
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Here it is.
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I was having a sort-through of my room the other day and I found a container. Inside that container were 94 Pokemon I made up as a child, complete with Pokedex entries.
They are hilariously terrible for the most part.

I tried to arrange them in a sort-of Pokedex order so I can share them with you, /vp/. They were created during the period approximately between 1999 and 2002, so some were created before Gen 2 debuted in the UK and some were afterwards.

Journey with me down a memory lane filled with shitty childhood imaginings and multiple spelling errors.
Let's begin with the starters.
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ITT: We fucking brainstorm to create new and imaginative Pokemon.
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Hello there, /vp/. Good day to you, too.

What you see here is an Armaldo. Aesthetically pleasing as it is, we are all too used to it by now. So let's create something new.

Change an aspect of this Armaldo, one post at a time. For instance, you can color it green, you can replace its spikes with wings, et cetera. For clarity's sake, you're supposed to make the change yourself, not just request it.

You are free to shitpost (for instance, scribbling all over it or adding a visible penis) but keep in mind the temporary giggle you get from doing so can't compare to the feeling of creating something new through teamwork.

So, /vp/, let's get started.
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