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I love this picture. Anyone have anything similar?
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<-THE Ultimate ^~*Lucky*Star*~^ Image Dump->

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Here we go, a remedy to all the stupid (counted 4) FLCL threads.

Post your pics, but mine will be the best.

Image dump 5000 beginning.

Starting with Misao!
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internets for anyone who posts, Kotomi, Tomoyo or Yukine
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Desktop thread go!
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Still no Kemeko DX wallpapers? I mean seriously the opening has some cool shots that would be great when cleaned up. ITT post Kemeko DX wallpapers if they exist.

Also /r/ing the Ryouko part of the opening as a 1024 x 768 wallpaper, cleaned, etc.
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bleach walls!

thats right.. AGAIN!
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The most unappreciated bleach girl and hottest tomboy
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Any Disgaea wallpapers anyone?