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This is how I tiefling.
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What about if instead of a thieve's guild there was the prostitute's guild?
Like they could tie them to the bed and rob them, Seduce them to gather info and sell said info to the highest bidder. Also when is someone more vulnerable then when they are naked? ASSASSINATED!
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Retro Sci-Fi General

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I have a hankering lately to run a campaign in a retro scifi type setting. I'm talking the golden era of science fiction.

Where the planets didn't seem that far away.
Where we believed there was oxygen on mars, and possibly the moon.
Where rockets and rayguns were on every cover of every amazing stories.
Where space didn't seem so harsh and unforgiving, and was seen more as a wilderness awaiting discovery.
Where robots were blocky, clunky, and yet still terrifying.

I discovered a game that filled the niche quite well. Cosmic Patrol by catalyst game labs. It handles the rich feel of the aesthetic of 1940's to early 1960's science fiction movies and comics. It keeps the adventure and awesome high, while not taking itself too seriously.

So this is a retro scifi general thread. I will dump some inspirational art to keep the thread bumped and hopefully get some stories of people who played in this, and maybe some suggestions for other games to run it in.
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A Slice of Life: Living in a sky world

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Dear /tg/,

What do you supposed it would be like living in one of those skyworlds? Like, wot with the floating islands and never ending blue skys and such.

What would they eat? What kind of jobs would be available? What would the people be like?
That sort of thing.

Any and all relevant settings or stories would be appreciated.
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The ball's in your court, /tg/
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>Lamias are generally friendly folks, but they're all strident maltheists. Each one is raised by her mother to fear and hate the gods. A very few lamias practice animism or ancestor worship, but their kin merely tolerate this eccentricity

>A lamia's physiology is like a terrestrial angler fish. Their furthest ancestors were actually giant snakes with vestigial forelegs, and they evolved over time to have a front end resembling the humanoids. There are still a few tribes of lamias with scales covering their entire upper bodies.

>Two weird influences of their monstrous ancestry on their behavior: First, they're far more dextrous with their tails than with their hands. Throw an object at a lamia and shout "think fast," and she's more likely to catch it with the former than the latter. Second, while most lamias wear clothes like humanoid women, they never cover their serpentine halves and are always confused when people ask them about keeping their lower halves bare.

>There are no male lamia; they require a male of another species to trigger parthenogenesis. This provides an interesting contrast to minotaurs, who are universally male, and who reproduce by impregnating women of other humanoid races. However, both lamias and minotaurs refuse to explain what happens if a lamia and a minotaur try to mate, and will become angry if pressed on the issue.

>The male a lamia uses to reproduce need not be humanoid, and need not even be sentient. Bestiality is taboo among lamias, but their superstitions about witches include accusations of bestiality with their familiars.

>Their dependence on outside races for reproduction has led to a culture that stresses integration and cooperation with humanoids. They are natural born extroverts, and every lamia is confident that if she finds a problem she can't solve herself, she can find someone else who can. However, this behavior leads some humanoids to come to think of lamias as lazy whores.
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MTG Best Artwork

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Alright, I'm bored as fuck, like MTG and like pretty pictures, so let's have a thread for the best art in Magic's history. Tell us your favorite artists too.

Favorite Artists:
- Chris Rahn
- Volkan Baga
- Greg Staples (also, sort of in love with him irl)
- Adam Rex
- More, but I'd be here all day, haha
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Bioshock: Nature's Ladder

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>This lighthouse was built in 1909 at the mouth of the Thames River in Long Island Sound. It served a dual purpose as a channel marker and lighthouse. During the hurricane of 1938, the waves were breaking over the top of the light tower. Two lightkeepers were in the building during the storm. The basement and lower level were flooded.

From this abandoned Edwardian lighthouse, one descends into the flooded lower levels with the help of a suit of bizarrely sophisticated but certainly antiquated diving equipment, and boards the train beneath the sea floor which takes them directly into the heart of the primeval marshbed beneath London. As the train leaves the tunnel, the immensity of size and an age of the subterranean pit all around is inescapable. Among the unearthed rubble mix a Roman temple and Nordic runes, and stretching for as far as the eye can see is a tree that could be descended from Yggdrasil itself. And nestled into the great tree are the towns and boroughs of what must be the rumored city, the London-Below, the conspiratorial metropolis written of in the madman's diaries you purchased in the old estate sale.

The city of New Jerusalem.

> Following the disaster of the Boer War and the resulting crisis in national confidence, the eminent scientist Sir Edward Dalton proscribed as the only possible solution to the moral degeneration of Britons the new science, in fact a genetic religion of hereditary genius, eugenics - the science of human advancement.
> He and his colleagues conspired in the construction of a haven from which to escape the Lloyd-George government, completing the underground city and going below during the "dark days" of the post-war Lloyd-George coalition ministry.
> The city was made possible by the sapling of the Tree of Life from the Himalayas, and the Soma flowers which bloomed from it - symbiotic organisms which made gross cellular mutation achievable; speeding up the construction and the subsequent breeding program immensely.
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rip in peace /tg/ bee

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Around a week ago I was stung by a bee while working on minis and many fellow fa/tg/uys endeavored with me to keep her alive. It was decided she should be interred in a dreadnought. Here is the original thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/24245900/

This is her burial thread.
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Use those thinkin' bits

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Optional settings:

First Song: Your Setting is based around this song
Second Song: Your BBEG is based around this song
Third Song: The Magical item of power/ McGuffin is based around this song

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