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Hey GMs! What's the biggest, most fuckhuge weapon you've ever allowed a player to weild? I suppose those Daiklaives from Exalted count.

The biggest ever in one of my games was a 6 foot black demon weapon that summoned an army of evil to do the wielder's bidding (obviously subject to the usual GM screw-overs). In combat, the thing made you a total god, but it was hardly ever used, the player in question knew what using it meant for his character. It was epic.

Pic related. It's a fuckhuge weapon.
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Hello, /tg/ - I come to you once again with a D&D 3.5 quandary.

Suppose you wanted a character that was younger than the standard 'maturity age' bracket in the PHB, which in the case of humans is 15. Would you apply any ability modifiers, in the same way older characters gain mental boosts and physical penalties due to age? Would you reduce the character's size category by one step until they reach their race's age of maturity?

It has been suggested to lower strength, intelligence and wisdom, while increasing dexterity and charisma. Perhaps lower constitution as well, but I'm not sure if kids are actually easier to injure because of their age or simply their stature (which in the case of humans would put them on the level of a halfling, who already have a negative constitution modifier).

There has been some arguing back and forth whether the intelligence penalty should apply - some think of it more as the general knowledge a character has, while others refer to the ability to learn, which is actually higher in children. That might fall under wisdom's domain, though.

What say you folk?
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Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

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I made a random character. Ended up as a backstabbing elf.

I've avoided making an elf.. but god dammit this has been my best run ever. I got a named dagger.. tons of rings.. equipment. I started with no magic books. Yes, I found each and every one of those. I can invis and just slaughter things. I went through the orc mines at half level of what my friend suggested(who actually won this game). I'm slaughtering elves now(those corpses on the ground) and nothing can stand in my way.

But I am a fucking elf. If I didn't have all this shit I'd kill myself. I prefer going through as a draconian.. but I've not found a good class for them yet.

Also, I like cutting up corpses to stretch my REAL food supply. See picture. Yum yum.
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I spent most of my day off engineering a fabulous fortress. It featured fountains - five three story tall spires of rock that were supposed to pour water out of their tops via overpressure. The system's design was, as far as I could tell, perfect. After spending most of my time fighting with dwarfs that ignored traffic designations - that is, all of them, randomly wandering around in the ductwork even though it lead nowhere - and finally sealing the whole thing from entry, I activated it.

The northernmost two fountains were the only ones that activated because the 'random' directions in DF used by everything from pathfinding to overpressure always favor north and east. The drainage system - which removed exactly as much water as the input system pumped in - somehow couldn't keep up. Then I watched - the system was MAKING water. The whole thing started to flood my fortress after about a minute of comforting my dwarfs with mist, lulling them into a false sense of security and making them believe their efforts weren't wasted.

Moral of the story:
Don't do ambitious things with badly buggy alpha software.

I'm done for now. This was the only challenge DF could offer me, and it failed. I'll stick to Lego for now.


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So far, so good. Rolled her up, fairly good stats (18, 13, 11, 16, 17, 15), and we'll be starting soon.

The way this party is, I doubt we'll touch the sexuality issue yet. Kobolds view sex as less of a love thing and more of a thing that is natural, after all.
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Uz strikes back!

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Well hey there /tg/, is anyone interested in hearing the rest of the great dragon hunt? I'm back from visiting family and itching to finish this up.
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40k imperial navy

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ok so I've gotten myself involved in vs debate with some friends pitting the 40k imperium vs Starwars empire

the main person I'm arguing against says that star wars outnumbers 40k so much that even 10k battle ships wont win it, his figure was 25,000 star destroyers.
I myself was interested to find out just how many ships the imperium did have, after all it is fighting everyone else in 40k so 25000 ships seems to small a figure

So armed with the Battle fleet Gothic rule book I got to work
this is what i figured out
from battle fleet gothic rule book page 88
normal battle fleet is 50-75 ships also lots of non warp capable in adition to this
from page 88 of the BFG
The Imperium is divided into sectors
1 battle fleet per sector
there is 50 to 75 ships in a normal Battle fleet
a sector is 8,000,000 cubic lightyears
39 million million (3.9x10^13) cubic light years is volume of milky way
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I've played plenty of roleplaying games, but I find that all too often my groups fall into the "wandering adventurers" pattern. Lately I've been tooling around with the idea of having the players take on the roles of low-level Guardsmen in a mid-sized town who STAY PUT. Stories could focus on internal politics/plots, banditry threats, solving murders, and dealing with parties of adventurers who come into town and fuck things up for everyone.

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ITT: Ways people know you're a good DM

I, for example, can touch each and every one of my players intimately.

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Hey guys, I've been looking around for this Stone soup dungeon crawl thing, I've got this far but can anyone tell me what one I should download?

I use windows XP.