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ITT: beta travel tales

>be in Europe
>be virginfag, in Europe with hope of meeting random stranger, falling in love, etc
>have no friends to go with, be there alone
>be sitting on train through Italy, it is sunset
>in carriage, three American girls get in, say hello
>we get to talking, "hey anon, where are you from? etc"
>I play it cool, am freaking out inside, be major beta
>one is cute and sitting next to be with window seat, other two are facing us
>cute girl is wearing short shorts and a tank top
>other two go to get food, leave me and girl alone
>sitting side by side
>I keep talking, tell her the sunset is beautiful
>she smiles and says ya
>moment seems perfect, romantic, side by side
>I put my hand on her bare thigh
>she freaks out, jumps up, calls me creep
>storms off
>I think I am going to get killed by ticket person
>girls come back, dead silent, looks of death, I just stare out window
>they get bags and leave

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Terrible Travel Experiences General

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Any and all welcome, from getting there, to police trouble, to ending up with a shemale prostitute, share your pains.

>Decide to fly Spirit airlines
>It's every joke that every comedian has ever told about air travel, but worse
>End up pulling my hamstring after standing up from sitting in such a tight space for so long
>It was only a connection flight

>In London for the third time
>Out drinking with some friends
>Some guys are getting into an argument in the street
>A guy outside knows my friend, comes in and grabs him, tells him there's a fight going on
>Decide to go see what's going on, of course get dragged in
>Full on fight taking place
>Police fly in, kicking the shit out of all of us
>Spend a day in the clink, instead of being on vacation
>Leaving the station
>Cop calls me an American vagrant

and finally
>In Indonesia for work, taking tourists SCUBA diving and stuff
>A guy and his 15 year old son want to go somewhere kind of obscure, somewhere no one really knows about
>Boss decides it's cool, we go off the beaten path and spend the morning diving, having a good time
>Take the boat to a beach for lunch
>Another boat pulls up as we're eating
>Four guys with guns jump out, start shouting at us
>Everyone is freaking out except my boss
>Boss grabs one of the guys, get ready to die on a beach in the middle of nowhere
>Boss is hugging one of them, they're cousins
>Boss tells the dad and the son that they're in the army, out for a good time
>After they leave he tells me they were pirates, and if that one guy wasn't his cousin we'd be dead or ransomed and tortured.
>Boss decides to get some guns and we always had 4 extra guys come with us anytime we went somewhere kind of obscure from then on

Easily the most scared I've ever been. Besides that, Indonesia was really excellent.
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Pickpocket Attempts/Beggars in Foreign Countries

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Hey /trv/ lets discuss pickpocket attempts/beggars in other countries.

>Walking in Tuileries Garden to the Orsay
>Roma deaf woman wants me to sign a petition
>Told her no
>Another deaf person comes and wants me to sign a petition
>Told her no too
>African security guard scares them both off

>Walking on bridge in Seine
>Old woman drops something
>Tells me it's mine
>Avoid her and keep walking

>Several people with signs in Museum Island asking if I spoke English and would give money
>Realize its a scam and walk off

Nothing happened here

>African asks if I want cocaine and Viagra in RLD
>Know they're harmless
>Keep walking

Again, nothing happened here and was around for about ~3 hours

I spent almost 4 weeks in Europe and nothing got stolen. My friends were surprised too as I had a $950 camera, an iPhone, and a wallet.
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ITT: Stories of us taking shits in other countries.
>Be in the Philippines
>Be at a friends house
>First time not sleeping in a hotel
>Go to take a shit
>After I shit I realize there's no toilet paper
>Walk to my friend with my pants and underwear down covering myself
>Ask "Where's the toilet paper???"
>He says "what's toilet paper?"
>He then sprays water up my ass to clean it

That was my first shit in the Philippines. Share your stories!
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OH shit it's another Japan thread! cont.

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alright dont know what happened but im back.

is there enough interest for me to keep up my posts? something came up and couldnt post for a while.

anyway, Osaka is basically killing us. The people here all have attitudes and it's taking it tolls on us mentally. We went to another bar and had some fun. Be careful with the girls there though, they seem interested and flirty but they generally have a bf and just want to practice english or have some attention. the girl my buddy was hitting on all night, had her bf at the bar and it ended up he was sitting next to me the whole night with out us knowing. word of advice if you defintely dont have prospects to get a girl into a love hotel or are not planning to stay out til 5 am partying hit the last train, other wise you're going to pay the ridiculous peak time taxi fees. fun story about that night though, the guys that were drinking with us ended up buying two bottles at the bar and shared them around. bill totalled in the $200 area all paid for by a nice guy practicing his english.

we havent really done much in Osaka either, this place has an attitude to it and it sucks. also were in typhoon mode so it's been pissing like a race horse here.

today we hit up Kyoto again to get some last minute shopping done since we only have a 6 days left. this country is taking its toll on our souls because it feels a little dead not being able to strike up conversations with people in the streets due to the culture and a lack of control of the language. hopefully tomorrow night we'll have some fun at the bar for our last night in osaka. cheers.

pic is a love hotel rates for those interested
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OH shit it's another Japan thread! update with photos

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hey /trv/.

as promised from my earlier thread i would update as my days go by.

Day1: flight fucking sucked full of little babies crying their eyes out.

when we arrived at Narita and it was fucking pouring rain out. i'll post some pics . i forgot to take my camera out tonight but we went izyaka for all you can drink. it awesome paid a fraction of the price id pay in vancouver for as many drinks that and we had fun just socializing. i forgot to bring my camera so i'll update photos as i get them. tomorrow we leave at 8am and going to edo tokyo museum and asakusa.

any info you need or specific pictures ill try and get them. there aren't many girls around here so far but its a week day.
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Tell us the following about your Region/State/Province/City/More specific than Country...

>Where do you Live
North Idaho, USA, aka Inland Northwest
>What do you like about your location?
Beautiful mountains and lakes. 96% white Demographic = Extremely low crime rate. Four Distinct seasons. small population, relatively unknown.
>What do you dislike about the area?
Fucked up police force/judicial system. Extremely conservative mindset due to a huge amount of retired white republicans. Non existent night life. Overall boring place to live.
>Who would you recommend to visit?
Anyone who loves the outdoors without the huge amounts of tourists. Whoever loves camping, hiking, boating, kayaking, etc.
>Who would you recommend to keep their distance?
Anyone who expects anything other than the enjoyment of nature as entertainment.
>Within 200 miles, where would you visit?
Missoula, Montana for the change of political ideology and similar natural surroundings.
>Something interesting only a local would know about?
Check out lake Pend Orielle (see pic) and Farragut National Forest which is on the southern tip of the Lake. It is one of the largest, deepest, most beautiful, mountain lakes in the Western United States. The National Forest offers top notch camping and beauty in the summer. The small town of Bayview on the lake holds the Annual Bayview Days from the 2nd through 4th of July. The town turns into a beer garden for 3 days and has amazing fireworks to top off the night of 4th of July. Always a good time.

Your turn.
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I'm here to share some experiences and organizational details about a nearly year-long trip I recently finished through the majority of Africa. After multiple requests in both the original thread on /b/ and the archived thread on chanarchive, I'm creating a thread here on /trv/ for those who have questions or who are otherwise interested in this trip. First, some basic information about the "official" trip (scare quotes explained in a bit). For some background, check out the original thread (which was never intended to be especially informative!):

Company: Africans Trails (See also: Oasis)
Countries visited: the UK [Gibralter], Spain, Morocco [inc. Western Territories], Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey.
Trip duration: 43 weeks
Distance traveled: ~42,000 km

Less 'official':
Budget: $15,000 - $30,000 USD all-up, depending mostly on food/drinking habits and especially on activities
Average no. of passengers: 10-20 (my trip started with 17 and ended with 12--attrition)
Average age of passengers: 25-30 (we ranged from 21 to 60, average late 20s)
Most common nationalities: Usually commonwealth countries, esp. the UK. We had: 3 Brits, 1 Swede (5 years in London), 1 Finn, 1 German, 2 Canadians, 1 Kiwi, 3 Aussies, 2 S. Africans, and I was the only American. Almost nobody knew each other prior to the trip.
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Anyone with Ukraine experiences?

I want to go to Kazantip next year and I figured it would be a good opportunity to see some bits of a country that i would otherwise likely never see.
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what does it feel like to be a world traveler?

i want to travel, but i seem to be caught in the rat race of having to work a shit job.

how can i travel and support myself at the same time? (preferrably without having to beg people for a couch to sleep on)

how do you guys do it? save up money at home and travel when you have enough?

i was thinking of transferring into the Navy but i know i wont like the lack of freedom when im stuck on a ship at sea
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