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Hi, /trv/, I'm in Bosnia. Actually, in it's serbian part.
Ask your questions.
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Would it be smart to learn Arabic?

Dubai, Kuwait, and other cities seem like their all going to be hot spots in the future.
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Hey trv's. i need some help here. in a few months i will be taking a job in phnom penh. i'll only be making about 400-500 USD per week. i am an american in mylate 20's and i have traveled a bit in asia, just never to phnom penh. can anyone give me ANY suggestions on what it's like. Will I be making enough money? I pretty much live like a backpacker and don't need a lot of luxuries. What parts of town should i live in? will i be able to get around not knowing much khmer? ANY suggestions are appreciated.
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Hey /trv/, I am now in eleventh grade if we follow the American school system and i am thinking of spending next year in USA as a student. What do i need to prepare for when it comes to culture, school and the likes?(Will it be very different from what I'm used to? I'm Norwegian) Does /trv/ think it's USA is a good choice? and if not, what other country should i think about going to? Thanks for you help

Pic related; life is just like Mario Party
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Hey /trv/, I'm going on a trip to Italy with my Grandmother as a high school graduation present this june. We'll be going with trafalgar , so I have one day off in each city (rome, venice,florence) so any recommendations of stuff to do would really help.

pic semirelated- it's my band room.

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Would Russia be a good place for a lone traveller to go? No place in particular in mind, which I guess kind of makes or breaks the trip.
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I'm moving to San Francisco. Currently I live in Baltimore MD so the distance and location is way off from what I'm familiar with. What will I expect?

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Hey /trv/, I'm going to Washington DC for about a month (and not for the nigger inauguration). Where should I go for a good time?

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Serious question: Anyone recognize the skyline in the background?
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Hey /trv/ I was offered a job where I have the choice of two different locations. I've decided to take the job, but I can't decide on where to go, I can see the up and downsides to both places. I could either go to Singapore or to Hong Kong. little halp plox
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