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Pickpocket Attempts/Beggars in Foreign Countries

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Hey /trv/ lets discuss pickpocket attempts/beggars in other countries.

>Walking in Tuileries Garden to the Orsay
>Roma deaf woman wants me to sign a petition
>Told her no
>Another deaf person comes and wants me to sign a petition
>Told her no too
>African security guard scares them both off

>Walking on bridge in Seine
>Old woman drops something
>Tells me it's mine
>Avoid her and keep walking

>Several people with signs in Museum Island asking if I spoke English and would give money
>Realize its a scam and walk off

Nothing happened here

>African asks if I want cocaine and Viagra in RLD
>Know they're harmless
>Keep walking

Again, nothing happened here and was around for about ~3 hours

I spent almost 4 weeks in Europe and nothing got stolen. My friends were surprised too as I had a $950 camera, an iPhone, and a wallet.