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Only newfags go to cons.
Need proof? Go see the Otakon 2007 video.

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Was anybody here involved with COSPLAYOWN'D!ing the Steak and Shake Saturday evening?

My thanks goes out to all the /b/rothas who assisted in the epic endevour to PWN that fucking sorry-assed place. They never knew what the hell hit'em!

NEXT YEAR! DIFFERENT TARGET! Possibly Waffle House or the mall across the road from the convention place.
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so i was one of the kaminas walking around on saturday but my camera died and i need pics of me...

can anon dilever?
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best booth or best booth?
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So where are the AWA pix whorz?
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Nazis LOEV mudkipz
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any con porn this year?
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Haruhi for the win and fail

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There were good and bad MOHS cosplays at AWA. Lets see all the photos you got of them.
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UPPCON 08 Pictures, Sweden's largest anime convention, actually as of 08 the largest convention in the country.
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