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[1396620098] Bioshock Infinite Made No Sense

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Now that Burial At Sea has definitely concluded the Bioshock series, as Irrational Games are downsizing heavily, the puzzle pieces that we're left with doesn't fit one bit.

Spoilers for every Bioshock Infinite ending:

Bioshock Infinite ended wierdly. It was shocking, sure, but there's no reason for Booker to die. He was the one who clearly repented, so if there ever would be a "last Comstock" to murder, it would be him.

Also, Booker wanted to kill Comstock before he even made the choice, to end all Comstocks, but instead Elizabeth just chooses to murder just his version instead. There is absolutely no reason what-so-ever to do this.

Moving on to Burial At Sea Part 1, the last Comstock doesn't get his empire. He just decapitates a baby, and regrets it for the rest of his life. He turns into a man who wants to save little sisters instead, from people like Elizabeth. Again, no reason to kill him either, unless you want to make Elizabeth out to be a bloodthirsty monster who just wants to kill her father over and over.

Elizabeth herself isn't plausible either: He can run the minute she gets out of her tower, pretty unphazed by the world around her. She doesn't stumble around like a caveman, because "she's read books".

During the Infinite series we can see a steady decline of story sense: The ending to Infinite, the story of Burial At Sea Part 1, but it really turns completely senseless in Burial At Sea Part 2.

"I'm dead. I feel smaller. I have my pinky back? Must be quantum entanglement and singularity and ooga booga, and I have Booker in my head, who isn't really Booker!"
The only real explanation that makes sense, is that Elizabeth isn't really Elizabeth, but her consciousness mixing with Bookers consciousness inside the eve of a little sister. Elizabeth wasn't small enough to crawl into the ducts herself in burial At Sea Part 1, but she is in Part 2, and none of the splicers are able to either, or they would all be extict.
...but no, Elizabeth is really a singularity of all Elizabeths.
...and Booker isn't even Fontaine playing along with her delirium - he's just a ghost of senselessness, conjured up by guilt.

You'd expect a world like Bioshock to keep true to harsh reality, but instead we get "thorn in the paw" imprints triumphing over completely sensible sentific solutions: Somehow hugging someone's hand is all it takes for a wierdo bird to keep somebody captured. They do hint that there's a man inside Songbird, which would make him maybe five times as big as a normal man, so it's so clearly not Booker.

Also, Elizabeth is stupid as shit. She knows that Fontaine would keep his end of the bargain, yet she does absolutely nothing to save herself. She's just fixated of saving one single girl for absolutely no reason, doesn't steer the ships anywhere in Columbia when she's free, doesn't trick Fontaine, doesn't fake the note, doesn't use her plasmids, and doesn't make any attempt to run away. She just hands Fontaine a super-weapon, gives up, and wants Fontaine to kill her, because she's a complete and utter moron.

So what else is just made up story as it goes along? The Luteces. They're scattered all over reality, but they don't have any other motive than to want to turn Elizabeth into a killer, just because wednesday.

Why the story doesn't make sense, doesn't make sense, because Irrational Games had the opportunity and the budget to make it make sense. Instead they made a story-heavy game where the story completely self-destructed with ass-pull after ass-pull after ass-pull.
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[1381975324] Game Community

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The Gameological Society : http://gameological.com
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[1377678219] Creating my own video game

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Games, I have a question; if I wrote out the story for the video game I would like to create, would you help me iron it out?
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[1396712732] New SSB4 direct

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I'm so freaking hyped for this new direct. If you haven't already heard, there's going to be a direct for SSB4 on Tuesday.
Also, I've got a buddy who works for Nintendo. He's a jackass and knows I'm really hyped for this direct and have me some really vague information.
-2 newcomers will be revealed (ones apparently really cool and a bunch of be direct is spent on this character)
-3 veterans (2 with changes)
-there's no specific release date, just a "Winter 2013" (friend disinterest actually tell me what it was
-some explanations of already revealed characters
-a crap ton of gameplay, including some of a different game mode (maybe Team or adventure?)
Thats all he told me, but as I said before, he's a jackass so he might just be screwing with me.

[1396655229] Gaylo Spartan Pussy Assault

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Gaylo Spartan Pussy Assault is now on Steam and it SUCKS.....

[1394868430] COSMOS!

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>travel through cosmos on celestial body
>race has been at war for millennia, split between two factions, factions within factions argue
>see the terror that is caused by killing
>decide for peace
>planet is united, each land, all ethnicities of our great race living in unity and harmony, as one while still separate
>time passes
>kings are elected, leaders rule
>atmosphere of celestial body begins to decay due to volcanic belching diminishing
>radiation, sickness, infertility, race facing extinction and can only be overcome with technology
>there is a material that can be divided into such small pieces that it can float in the upper atmosphere, it reflects radiation and cosmic rays
>the mineral, gold, is infinitely scarce on this planet
>discover that a planet that we pass each some 3000 years have plenty of it
>go there, get gold, make vacation resort of planet
>Nova Terra, no laws
>create slaves to carry cups out of beings already existing, adding your dna to beings that used to smear feces on the walls
>don't smear feces on the walls
>look like us
>can into serve wine
>can into bone
>accidentally create beings that are like you, just smaller and without the genetic code that prevents aging
>seriously fuck up all around the globe
>leave new species, which is essentially a shitty model of their creators to carve, plow, model and govern the planet
>new species have most of the qualities of creators, but also all flaws
>inherently master race at sex & war
>gods of war and pleasure with the spiritual complexity of a snail
>proceeds to evolve with this lifestyle for thousands of years with no guiding hands as creators were judged imprisonment/death for their heinous deeds

>tfw they have probably vanished and are extinct
>tfw we are their legacy and we're about to all die a horrible nuclear death/Yellowstone eruption and the greedy kikes didn't really plan for the survival of the plebs

>thfw kikes inherit the earth

[1396668538] Video Games

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What are the best gaming related websites for us gamers to get the latest gaming related news and other gamer's hot opinions on games and gaming culture? I like:

neogaf.com (I don't think many people go here, but it's still pretty good)

Do you guys know any more?

[1396451853] SquareEnix pres wants 90s JRPGs back

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And to think they owe it to Nintendo for bringing Bravely Default to global markets; yes the same hardware company they've fondly ignored for the last two decades.
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