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Alright fit, has anyone actually tried losing weight with Acai Berry?

I gained lots of weight when my parents split up, and after a year of depression and anxiety I've realized it's time to focus on my health before it gets any worse. I've recently started a diet and exercise plan and have lost 10 pounds this month. I was just wondering if there were any food tips I could use to help with the process.

pic related, it's me.
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Working out is a waste of time. I get paid for working out. I just graduated highschool and now I unload boxes of fishes from ships at the port.

I'm packing muscle like no tomorrow now.

tl;dr get a job where you lift things for 6 hours a day and you'll hate it at first but eventually you'll be muscled.

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Hey /fit/

What exercises can I do in my own house that will help me get fit? Normally I would go outside back down in NSW where it was cold and miserable like Britain, but I'm staying in QLD for a few days and it's FUCKING HOT and humid, so I'm staying in with the comfort of my air-conditioner.

The guys on /k/ recommended burpees, which seem to be a pretty good option.

Two questions:
1: Will most exercises done in the home with no equipment (other than a weight, I'm sure I can find something) let me loose weight or do I really just end up turning it into muscle (I hear it's a bunch of crap)
2: Is it true if you sweat more, you'll loose more weight (if so, fuck the heat outside, I'm going for a run)

Pic isn't really related unless you're in the Iron Man Contest.

Fat and unsure why

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At first I assumed I was a lazy fuck who ate too much, but spending many hours walking a week and watching what I eat, it's not that bad. It would make sense for me to be overweight, I often pig out a little on nuts or chocolate, but the degree to which, what I'm consuming, isn't really enough to make me as big as I am.

Due to the unbalanced distribution of the fat I'm thinking it could be a glandular problem or something similar. I'm usually fairly drowsy, drained of energy and uncomfortable. My blood sugar level is normal.

TL;DR what health problems tend to lead to metabolism problems/general weight gain.
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Does anyone have any information on this???
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what do all of you pussies max out at anyway?
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I have a lump on my neck, just under my hairline and I just found another on the right side of my neck. Hard to desribe them, but they feel similar to the glands under your jaw.
Feels like a firm domed lump under my skin rather than my skin actually being lumped. They're slightly sore to touch.

What the hell are they?

inb4 cancer, AIDs or you're gonna die.
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How many of you take protein supplements?

According to fit day I only get like 25% protein a day. I read that I should be shooting for 40%, and I'm not sure how I can get there without it.
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I recently started growing a goatee again and was wondering, how many of you use straight or safety razors, as opposed to electric or disposable/cartridge types.

Any tips on where to get a good safety or straight razor would be handy as well.
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Hello /fit/

What kind of exercise would you recommend someone from /b/ to get rid of a pot belly?

Picture is tangentially related.