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brb, Japan
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Hyundai Sonata GLS 4aV6 Super dumb question

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GLS 4a of death... I can have my moms 2001 Sonata and turn it into this with about 6-8k of work... lol sleeper Sonata, nobody would ever know...

Tiburon 4a V6 Super:

The kit: http://ngmhouseofpower.com/product_info.php?products_id=32

Is it worth it, I know it will never get a resale value, but it would be a fun/funny car, that sure would turn a few heads.
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That one has a V8 Swap, not sure what motor to be exact just did a image search... mine should be a gt4 in same color year and body (likes pop up headlights from toyota) and I would do a 2JZ swap... Dreaming, Oh yeah!
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Hey /o/

This is not a trollan thread, as I have a serious question. I plan to build the car in the picture. I own a titanium grey Mazda RX-8, and I will get a full MazdaSpeed bodykit, some KW V3 coilovers, MazdaSpeed strut bars, MazdaSpeed sway bars and 17" Enkei RPF1s.

Should result in a pretty serious cornering machine, and will pay off big time at the track.

Problem is, I still gotta daily drive this thing, and I can't store it during the winter. Winter is obviously coming, and I'm just wondering how a car with a bodykit will perform in the ice. I'll have snow tires and all, but I really don't want to cause significant damage to a $3000 bodykit.

I've never had a car with a bodykit before, unless you count that NISMO Nissan Sentra 1.8L XG-L I had when I was in Malaysia, but I didn't drive that in the snow.

Any ideas?
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