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Craigslist Thread?
Craigslist Thread.

Thinking about picking this up for a fun, yet fuel efficient DD.

What do you have your eyes on, /o/?

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I want to buy a new Coupe for a base price of $26,000 or less and at least 30 MPG highway.

Any suggestions?
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a package
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What does /o/ think of bike leathers?

Personally i would never ride my bike without them and i just dont trust they kevlar padded jeans and jackets, the day moto gp racers stop wearing leathers i will.

No doubt /o/ will be totally against them

Question for /o/

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I'm thinking about getting a car, I know I want a Subaru Legacy. I came across one that looked in good condition but figured I'd shoot it at the car minds of /o/ just in case.

It's a 2000, with 125,000 miles on it; oh and it's a GT 2.5. They want 4500 for it, but I figure I can haggle it a bit since it's a Craigslist thing. Pic related...it's the car.
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Here's my bike.

I guess no one knows what kind of bike it is.

Post pic of ur bikes!
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Support your local Kia, Hyundai and Ssangyong dealer. Built with Corean pride.

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American car thread to celebrate killing of Binladen
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New Merc Thread ....

othrer one maxed out
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Hey /o/, I thought I'd ask your opinion on this.

I'm not a car guy, I'm slowly getting interested in this stuff and I've been doing a lot of research on the car I just bought. I purchased a 94 3KGT SL for 3.5K All of the forums and sites I look at for info are about the VR4. Did I get an alright deal for this? People talk about the VR4 and say anything else is garbage, but I assume they are racing/care about performance. I'm just a 19 year old kid who needs a car for work, and since my work has me driving all over I'd like a car that looks nice. I trust this guy but I'd just like /o/s opinion since I know nothing about cars, thanks. I won't be picking it up until a couple weeks and I didn't take any pictures, but here's the info I do know about it.

>Exterior is excellent, just a bit dirty. Needs a wash.
>Interior sucks, It's leather but it looks old. I care very little about it though.
>Supposedly the previous owner put over 1k into the sound system. I don't know the info on it but it sounds really nice.
>other little gadgets like radar detector and a Cd/dvd/ipod/GPS-in-one device. It's older (I can use a stylus or fingernail instead of my actual finger). Nice extras but it doesn't matter to me when purchasing.
>Automatic, I can't drive manual so it's not an option anyways.

My previous car was a 1993 Altima. It being my first car and no one teaching me about maintenance (I assumed it ran on unicorn farts) I totally destroyed it. I am now learning how to car.
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Favorite BMW?
Hard mode: no E30 M3s.

My favorite is the E21 Alpina B6 2.8.
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