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Things you have personally done to your vehicle to personalize it without buying kits and other bullshit.

As for me... A bunch of blue LED's and resistors laying in a drawer + a lot of boredom + about 30 minutes = picture.
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Long and short of it is I just got another car.

One currently with plates and one currently without since I haven't registered it yet. The plate-less car is parked in the driveway.

Haven't used the car with plates in a couple of days and the battery is dead so I want to use the plate-less car to jump it but I'll have to park it in the street for maybe 10-15 minutes.

Would a cop just straight give me a ticket for having a plate-less car on the street?

Am I really overthinking this? >_>

Paint Issues

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/o/ -
I am having a problem with the paint here. This is not of my car but a stock photo- I have the same problem but much smaller. I'm afraid if I wait too long, it will look like this.

As much as possible, I want to prevent this. What do?
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Honda 1985 prelude, A20, the exhaust smell oily, and I think is leaking oil, what do?
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my ride!! whats your ride /o/ post your cars in this thread or dream car 72 el camino
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I lol'd at Fast Five's racism

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>about to 1/4 mile
>nigger pulls up
> hey rome what took you so long?
> i thought for sure you'd be showing up with some chrome spinners or something
> nigger was :) but then he serious'd

mfw Brian nailed it right in the spot

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