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[1374830209] Free Music

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[1382815074] NEW MUSIC

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[1367380293] Good Experimental Electronic Music

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Hey, can you guys suggest me good experimental electronic artists/groups and their best albums?
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[1393715873] Funk/Bass/Glitch-Hop/Dubstep/Trap mix

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Check it out and turn up the speakers!

[1367484526] Make Money Through Music

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A website system for pennies and script that will enable you to monetize from a popular MP3/music search trend and make money from Amazon : http://www.musicsearchcash.com/music.php
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[1370181276] Radio Station

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FunKidz, the children's radio station : http://www.funkidslive.com
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[1374010578] let's make music

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i'm looking for people interested in making music elephant 6 style. some of the elephant 6 projects consisted in someone having something someone else made and putting something over it, and passing it to another person. so if you're interested send me an email with something you made and i'll put something over it and send it back to you or pass it to someone else. or if you don't want to send me something i'll send you something i made so you put something over it
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[1231719557] Rap Music!!

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I know this board is mainly rock music, which I listen to a lot. But I also like to bump rap music just as much. Im not just one of those people who are like, "damn man did you hear lollipop!? Lil waynes fucking sweet!" and then front like they listen to him. I listen to wayne, but I have been listening to him way before he got famous. But when I listen to rap music, I listen to it for a purpose. That's the reason I like older rap better, example- nas, wu tang clan, big, 2pac. Anyways I just wanted to know all of your opinions about rap music.
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