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[1384279043] Naked Ambition

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Naked ambition

Unknown model shoots to fame after starring in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines music video

WHO THAT GIRL? Emily Ratajkowski is Esquire's Woman Of The Year. Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines music video was her big break.

Emily Ratajkowski who?

Here's something to jolt your memory - she was the naked bosomy brunette in Robin Thicke's saucy music video for Blurred Lines.

   She was a nobody until she stripped for the raunchy video, putting her bosom and sexy pout on full display.

   That steamy appearance was enough to earn the largely unknown UK-born American model Esquire's first Woman Of The Year title.

   The results were announced over the weekend, with the 22-year-old model even thrashing Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence with 64.6 per cent of the votes. (Seriously.)

   Ratajkowski - the "J" is silent - won't be a low-lying beauty for long.

   Since her appearance in that music video (MV), which has had more than 205 million views on YouTube, she has been making waves. She scored an ad campaign for clothing line Rag & Bone and a supporting role opposite Ben Affleck in the upcoming David Fincher thriller Gone Girl.

   "I just shot with (photographer)  Bruce Weber for CR (a fashion magazine run by former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld) and obviously things come with that kind of attention. I met with Karl Lagerfeld, and if you have those kind of connections, that takes you into that world and puts you on that level," she told Esquire in July, when asked if the video had opened up new opportunities.

   It's only just the beginning - she is in talks with luxury brand Tom Ford and has apparently been offered a buffet of roles in both movies and TV shows.

   Not bad for someone whose sizzling hot bod we recognise more than her name.

   It seems like MV is the new virtual career launchpad these days.

   It's a mixture of all the right ingredients (that helped her) - it was the collaboration between Robin Thicke and (US singer-producer) Pharrell Williams, the catchy song, as well as the concept of the video which was simple and funny. On her part, she stood out because of her beauty and personality.

   It doesn't hurt when you ride on the popularity of someone already famous like Robin Thicke to become famous too.

   Ratajkowski dipped her toe into the world of modelling at the age of 14 when she signed with Ford Models, hoping to break into acting as well.

   In 2010, she left the University of California, Los Angeles after a year to pursue modelling full-time.

   Blurred Lines, however, wasn't the first time Ratajkowski ditched her clothes.

   She first did so in her breakout pictorial in Los Angeles erotica magazine Treats! in 2011.

   And she might just wear her birthday suit all the way to the big screen.

   "I'm not worried about nudity... I'd rather play a complex character who has a love scene than a stupid girl who's just a girl next door," she told The New York Times in an interview last week.

   This girl clearly has big dreams for herself.

   "Whether I'm talking about a perfume, a movie or an editorial, there's always a part of it that's me, but an equal part that's about the project. I want to be a brand," she said.


1. She was born to an English professor mother and an art teacher father.

2. She signed with Ford Models at the age of 14 with the intention of becoming an actress.

3. She appeared in two episodes of Nickelodeon teen sitcom iCarly in 2010 as Tasha

4. Blurred Lines isn't the only music video she's appeared in. She was also in Maroon 5's Love Somebody, released in May.

5, She almost didn't appear in the music video for Blurred Lines. "On paper, it sounded pretty crazy. It was naked girl dancing around and we didn't know what it would actually turn out like," she told Rolling Stone last month.



Before she played bit roles on TV shows like As The World Turns, The Love Boat, Murder, He Wrote and Family Ties, Cox was the girl living every Bruce Springsteen fan's dream - in the msuic video for the 1984 hit Dancing In The Dark, she played a fan who was called up on stage to dance with the rocker. She went on to star in Friends, the Scream films and Cougar Town.


Frodo got his first big break at the tender age of 7, when he appeared in the music video for Paula Abdul's Forever Your Girl, directed by David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club, The Social Network). He went on to be much-lauded child actor in indie films before landing a role in The Lord Of The Rings film trilogy.


She'd already won two MTV Movie Awards for playing a psychotic, dangerous teen in 1993 flick The Crush. But it was her appearance in not one, but three Aerosmith videos - Cryin' (with Stephen Dorff and Lost's Josh Holloway), Amazing and Crazy (with Steven Tyler's daughter Liv) - that got Silverstone cast in 1995's Clueless, the flick that made her a Hollywood A-lister.


Before she became the stuff of Hollywood tabloids, Mendes was struggling in C-grade films like Children Of The Corn V: Fields of Terror and My Brother The Pig (which also starred a pre-Lost In Translation Scarlett Johansson). Mendes, however, was living the life in MTV-land, appearing in Pet Shop Boys' Se A Vida E (That's the way life is), Aerosmith's Hole In My Soul, and Will Smith's Miami.

[1384447935] K-Pop

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Trouble Maker's sexually-charged k-pop video


Steamy kissing scenes. Passionate making out. Implied threesome. Binge-drinking and smoking

   Drugged-out protagonists leading a wayward life of violence and bloodshed.

   This is no gritty Hollywood flick, but the latest eyeball-grabbing music video Now from K-pop's most exciting and unconventional duo, Trouble Maker.

   Comprising girl group 4Minute's curvaceous bombshell HyunA and boy band Beast's charming Hyunseung, the delectable pair making a winning combination by boldly deviating from K-pop's structured mould which - let's face it - has always preferred its A-list idols earnest and clean-cut.

   Playing cutesy and goody-two-shoes was, from the get-go, obviously not in this couple's DNA.


Trouble Maker, a sub-unit formed by record label Cube Entertainment (home to both 4Minute and Beast), debuted in November 2011 with their eponymous EP. Groovy, catchy single Trouble Maker was an instant hit, winning them a string of awards, including Best Collaboration at the 14th Mnet Asian Music Awards and Hot Trend Song at the 4th Melon Awards last year.

   As evident in the music video of Trouble Maker, HyunA, 21 and Hyunseung, 24, were determined to stand out from their K-pop peers, wowing audiences with their titillating dance moves - cue several scenes of hips gyrating and bodies pressed close to one another.

   With the Oct 28 release of the visually-impressive Now, aptly described by Billboard.com as boasting of "a modern-day badass Bonnie and Clyde storyline", they have pushed the envelope further, making what could very well be the most sexually-charged K-pop music video of 2013.


If you're wondered whether conservative Asian audiences can accept their favourite poster boy and girl indulging in crime and all sorts of vices, the answer is clear.

   In less than two weeks, Now has accumulated more than nine million views on YouTube.

   The uncut six-minute version, which is double the running time and features more moments of intimacy between HyunA and Hyunseung, has attracted more than one million views in less than a week.

   Looks like Trouble Maker has successfully made raunchy and risque their signature traits.


While their sizzling on-screen chemistry might seem effortless, HyunA told Korean news website Soompi.com last month that filming the kissing scenes with Hyunseung was, in fact, "embarrassing".

   Echoing similar sentiments was Hyunseung, who agreed that they had to overcome the initial "awkwardness" and "shyness".

   Eventually, they did it as "we are both from the same company and it is not our first time working as a duo," he said.

   "So we managed to work in harmony."


On last week's episode of Korean TV variety programme SBS Cultwo Show, the pair also shared a comical behind the scenes moment.

   "We were supposed to kiss while the fire was burning next to us, but the fire unexpectedly started burning too soon, which gave us no time to get into the 'kissing mood'," said HyunA.

   Added Hyunseung with a tinge of disappointment: "We had to hurry through the kiss."

Some were less of a hit

On paper, sub-units formed by K-pop record labels are a dream come true

They fulfil fans' fantasies of seeing their favourite members from different boy bands and girl groups perform as one, and Trouble Maker is hands down the most successful of the lot.

   However, in reality, this side project concept is not foolproof. Here are a couple who have been left on the sidelines.


Comprising Super Junior's Kyuhyun, SHINee's Jonghyun, rock band TRAX's frontman Jay and trainee artist Jino, S.M. The Ballad were billed as entertainment giant SM Entertainment's all-male ballad group as all four were picked for their vocal prowess.

   The quartet released their debut effort. Miss You, in November 2010, but it failed to create much of a stir, despite the album boasting gorgeous R&B number Hot Times.

   To date, they haven't scored a follow-up release.


Another brainchild of SM Entertainment dance pop sextet Younique Unit was formed in October last year as a one-off marketing collaboration between the label and Korean automobile brand Hyundai.

   Comprising SM Entertainment's best dancers - Super Junior's Eunhyuk, Super Junior-M's Henry, SHINee's Taemin, Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon and EXO's Lu Han and Kai - they released just one song, Maxstep, and an accompanying music video.

   Maxstep, chockful of dubstep sounds, is included in a mini compilation album, PYL Younique Volume 1, which features two other songs by BoA and Girls' Generation's Jessica.

[1388893976] Improper Burial - Forced Lobotomy Download

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Improper Burial - Forced Lobotomy


01. Disclaimer
02. Intro
03. Lost Pages
04. Blood in the Snow
05. Remembrance
06. Forced Lobotomy
07. Divinis Bellum
08. The Succulist
09. Lesions
10. Mari Stellis (Ocean of Stars)


These guys are solid. Download the album and go give them a like and or buy the album!

Download: http://uppit.com/fnm3xxybwv0n/Forced_Lobotomy_Digital_Download.zip

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/forced-lobotomy/id789802845

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/improperburial

[1388729827] ICP

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Everyone has ther opinions but insane clown posse has no talent at all. I get the whole "underground" thing makes them more "real" but honestly they have little to no talent and they live off of some gimmick. A lot of the horrorcore genre is filled with icp wannabes and it's turrible.

[1387387514] Sensation

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A global dance festival, which originated in Amsterdam, provides revellers in Seoul with an unforgettable experience

Sexy dancers clad in bikini tops shaped like 3-D lollipops.

Larger-than-life acrobats on stilts.

   Spectacular laser light shows.

   A sea of nocturnal revellers dressed in white amid pulsating electronic dance music.

   Welcome to the Sensation party in Seoul.

   Held on Nov 30 at indoor exhibition centre Kintex in Ilsan, Seoul, the eight-hour Heineken Presents Sensation Asia (Seoul) event attracted over 20,000 partygoers who ran the gamut from tourists to locals in their 20s to 40s.

   The phenomenal global dance festival, which originated in Amsterdam in 2000, made its way to 16 countries last year, including Poland, Spain, America.

   It made its debut in Asia last year, with Heineken as its presenting partner in South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.

   Mr Bas Meijer, director of Dutch entertainment enterprise ID&T which organises Sensation worldwide, said: "Because of the enormous growth in popularity of electronic music world-wide, we are able to expand our global outline in 2012, especially our step into Asia, which is a totally new territory for Sensation, and it is a very important one for our worldwide expansion."

   Each year, the party boasts a strong line-up of DJs who start at 9pm and keep the clubbers going till 4am.


In Seoul, the big names behind the deck included resident Sensation DJ Mr White, veteran German duo Kaiserdisco and young rising Dutch DJ Dannic.

   Said German duo Kaiserdisco: "The Sensation party is amazing... The crowd in Asia have such high energy and really know how to party. It is so inspiring being able to play for such a big audience here."

   Mr Joost Geurts, global sponsorships manager at Heineken, said: "We're very excited to be teaming up with ID&T on Sensation as it has become the ultimate live event in the international dance scene."

So what exactly makes Sensation such a, well sensation?


The women turned up in white tight-fitting mini dresses while the men looked sleek in all-white suits.

   The strict all-white dress code undoubtedly the most iconic thing about the Sensation dance festival.

   With the exception of accessories and shoes, you have to play by the white rules or get sent home.

   The dress code came about when the founder of the party, Duncan Stutterheim, asked party-goers to dress in white as a tribute to his late brother.


Each partygoer was given a Heineken wristband at the door, which lit up and flashed in tandem to the beat of the music at midnight.

   The massive dance floor switched from a sea of white to shining green lights in an instant, making it a spectacular sight.


What kept party animals entertained were the string of over-the-top performances on stage.

   Just when you thought the sexy dance routines from the female dancers were impressive, the acrobatic routine featuring performers on stilts and hanging wires blows you away.