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Here's your Chicken Scheme supreme sir.
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Bots in Gaming

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Here's a great DEFCON presentation on subverting the WoW API -


Avoiding the debate over whether bots are harming gaming - let's talk about the programming behind them.

I consider MMO playing Bots to be really impressive programming feats, I wouldn't mind making a bot that can play ANY kind of game by itself (check out this bot that uses TETRIS to draw images using algorithms http://youtu.be/PJkHwulsac4) -


Has anyone USED a bot before, and if so in what game?

Has anyone MADE a script that can play games automatically before?

And finally - what's your opinion on bots? Are they cool, or a travesty of misplaced talent and effort?
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Alright /g/. I opened my mailbox today and inside there was a cd case with an unmarked disk and $40 in it.

>pic related

Is there a way to check what's on this thing without the risk of fucking my computer??
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Is Microsoft a force for good?
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Okay listen faggots of /g/
At /x/ we are trying to find a way into


Change asterixs to .

We know you guys are able to do it. Prove me right.
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Stallman dating simulator

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It is not an executable, it is web-based. Right now the only functional things are the activities, events haven't been implemented yet.

Also this isn't saved anywhere, so when you refresh/close-the-tab all the progress is lost.
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ITT /g/ in 1000 A.D

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Unga has 20 shiny pebbles, recommend Unga good rock machine build.

Unga is considering the nDecite GTX 2 cave drawing tablet, is it a good tablet, can Unga run current rock-carvings in 16x9 at max settings? Also, what rock-carving sticks should Unga get? inb4 >rock-carving sticks
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Finally retired Windows 2000.

I had it running on newer hardware no problem. My last build was in 2009 but I just liked Windows 2000 so much. Everything I had worked just perfectly fine. Resisted XP, Vista, 7... The last year or so started to finally give me problems. Newer programs finally discontinuing compatibility.

My 2013 resolution was to finally retire Win2000 and I am now posting from my new build running Windows 8.

This is some serious retarded shit Microsoft has done but I will get used to it.

What's the longest you have held out on an OS? I used Windows 2000 from April 2000 to January 2013.
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Assalamu Aleikum

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Daily reminder that you wouldn't have that iPhone or Linux without Muslims.
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