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Post your desktops!
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just read this on /b/

>The US government is working on a system which will be doing real-time pattern analysis on every OC192 pipe (10Gbps), probably everywhere in the US.
It will be based on muti-FPGA-processing boxes (Stratix4 and higher I assume), probably with in conjunction with dedicated server farms.

>I know this because I am subcontracted to do a small part of the project. This project is supervised by suitcase-holding "GMan" type people, etc.

>I am posting this through proxies; but after the system is deployed (within a year or so), it will _no longer help_.

>They will be able to do real-time packet analysis and match internet traffic to a source in a matter of minutes. The only "safe" places after that may be public wireless hotspots.

>There is nothing I can do except supply these tidbits of information.

>Thanks for reading.

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daily post
updated almost hourly

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I think we need a separate thread for this.
what is your primary OS and are you a pedophile

vista - pedophile
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is this win? y/y
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Hey /g/.
I've been using WinXP for as long as I've had a computer, but I've never really dealt with visual styles.
I like being able to pick how my system looks in Linux, but that option isn't there in XP.
All I'm asking is: What do you guys use?
Would rather not have to pirate anything.

Pic unrelated.

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ITT your /g/ folder

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I think that we've grown too dependent on animu to represent different elements of technology. I propose that we use real girls in their place. Here's my proposal for the new AMDorable.

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Ok so i experienced some strange shit on youtube. Like a little box with a video name appearing on the page i was watching video. But had nothing to do with

i scanned with anti malware, anti virus, dr web cure it etc. everything came clean

I decided to use netstat pro and then

Look at explorer.exe
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