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Speaking hypothetically, if someone showed up at your doorstep looking official, and demanded your computer, could you purge your hard drive in less than a minute? and how?
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No 5th Amendment

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Tech-illiteracy thread. Yesterdays was good, but it needed more cowbell. I'll start.
>Be a few years ago.
>Hanging with friend.
>Tell him I started to learn to program some weeks ago.
>"No way anon! Can you read The Matrix now!?"
>mfw he thought that the Matrix was giving out real code.
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Family tech support thread general.

share stories and rage together as a group, il start:

>write father an instructional tutorial on how to use Nero 10
>thanks son
>be at work and get a phonecall
>son where is document
>on desktop *hang up*
>phonecall half an hour later
>son it isnt working
>yes it is just follow the instructions
>*hang up*
>go to parents house about 3 hours later
>how did your burning go?
>still didn't work son
>Burning 53 .avi's (7.58GB) to a 4.7GB disc
>walk straight out the fucking door
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See this fresh winXP vm?

It needs software.
Post something and I install it.
GOOD software only please. (like Realplayer)
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For anyone who remembers the "dead" dog in the cam thread yesterday

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For those of you who claim that the user neglected the dog.. I bookmarked the cam and today I watched as the owner was sneaking around in the kitchen and then he took out a pillow, put it on the floor and went to sleep right next to the dog.

Such a bawwwww moment :')
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Well. I guess that's it.

>Commit piracy anywhere in the world
>Extradited to the US, sent to prison
>SOPA passes
>Almost anybody can then be charged with piracy by US law
>Almost anyone can be extradited to the US
>NDAA has passed
>US government can detain anyone, without trial, indefinitely
>No-one and no-where is safe


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About 6 months I asked /g/ why they weren't trolling Apple Live Chat. That day many lulz were had; resulting in Apple taking it off their site. Today I found out they added it again.

So /g/, allow me to ask you again: Why aren't you trolling Apple Live Chat?
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Hey... hey g-guys

gu-guys listen

wouldnt it be co-


wouldnt it be cool if someone just made a super torrent that had all the worlds media in the highest quality (flac, 1080p, etc.) I'm talking every movie, every album, every video game, every tv show, every e-book, every magazine. In the highest quality

I'd estimate the size at around 2000 terrabytes.

One day in the future we will be able to pirate said torrent

guys wouldnt that be cool
huh guys?
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Hey /g/

I have openSUSE 12.1 and wanted to uninstall some of the default programs.
Advice on how to do this, thanks.
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