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What's up /x/, I've been sent on a pilgrimage from /b/ to seek the reactions of the /x/traterrestrials here

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Okay kiddies...I see a lot of people asking about this kind of thing so....here we go.

My name is Lilith, and this is ask a succubus. Ask what you want, but I promise you, the things you thought you knew about Succubi are probably false.

Also...I'm a reincarnation...or "split"...whatever term you know my situation by. So, not all information is available to me, hopefully I have enough to answer your questions.
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Hello, /x/.

I want to belive.

Alchemy and Summoning pique my interest. I'll be visiting a decent library once the Thanksgiving break is over, but I'd be interested to hear how you think I should begin in the meantime.
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'Real' Vampires

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Myeh, probably has to do with the sudden surge in vampire stuff with the outbreak of Twilight of whatnot...but I'm curious...does anyone know of any so called 'real' vampire covens?

I'd be rather curious to meet and speak with someone who actually believes this...
I think it would be a worthwhile experience to meet someone who claims to be either a 'real' or 'psychic' vampire.

Anyone have some information that might help?

Need opinions of creature

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“Everyone stick to the path and stay in line. We don't need to lose anyone else today.” Ark shouted to the group.
Zerk bent his head down to whisper to John, laughing as he did. “Yea wander off into this god forsaken forest. Everyone is gonna be doing that one Ark, especially after the lake incident.” John swallowed as the memory of Jerimine screaming as she was swallowed by the lake monster flooded back to him.
“Not now Zerk. I'm not in the mood.” John said a little bit colder than he had meant it. Zerk backed away with his hurt pride showing on his face.

John sank back into mind, replaying the lake's events over. His body tensed as he remember the dragging feeling of the whirlpool beginning to form. How the dark thick liquid became even harder to swim through. He tried to push away the memory of Ark standing on the shoreline shouting at the top of his lungs for everyone to hurry. Fear began to grip his body as the image of the monster's arms emerged out of the whirlpool. John remembered himself screaming at Jerimine to swim. He screamed and screamed but she wasn't making any progress.
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I don't know bout you, but to me it looks like the half of the planet would remain intact, seeing as the meteor goes right through it. I believe there wouldn't be such a massive shock wave around the area it went through

But of course, the rest of the planet could crumble in another way, like collapsing together or simply vaporize, but lets say it doesn't.

I wonder what would happen to the other part if it survived, what would happen to gravity or the atmosphere. The core of the earth is clearly blown away, so living there would be impossible in the long run.
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Coming from this thread>>1130619, i say we have a "Scary stories to tell in the dark" art dump.

oh god...they still creep me out.
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Hey /x/, my friend and I were reading some creepypasta when I suddenly remembered this old game we used to play in like middle school or some shit.

One person would lay on their back and close their eyes, and the other would be like, "blah blah you've been kidnapped, blah blah, the guy cuts you open, fills you full of sand, pats you down, sews you up, (as they're saying this they'll run their fingernails over your arms, pat down your body, etc.) now... try to sit up!"

And of course, if you're susceptible to this shit, you won't be able to sit up because you feel too heavy.

We wanted to try more of these types of things but we have no idea what to Google, so tl;dr /x/, do you know of any more of these mind-trick party games?
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mindfucking notes to be left in public

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I saw an archived thread with this idea.
I thought you guys could add some new ideas. These are best scratched out in all caps.

Here's some things I've actually written in some random places.

Paper posted on a pole in front of a ruined-looking building on the edge of a city (pic related):

Scratched in a park, on an old tree:

scratched with a pocket knife in a bathroom stall:
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