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Creepy Jobs/Workplaces

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Can we get a creepy workplaces thread going, like a "innajob" thread or something?

I'll start with my experience:

>Be 1 year ago
>Start working as a janitor, my job is to vacuum all 8 floors of this large building holding multiple firms
>It's an ezpz job, but doesn't pay well, just something to make me quick money while going to school
>It seems pretty normal at first, big empty buildings always creeped me out a bit, bit that was all
>Suddenly get scared as shit in newly refurbished office opened on 2nd floor
>Feel like something's watching me
>Have two coworkers, a younger lady and an older lady (25 and 50+ respectively)
>The younger one is very nice, we chat often
>We both are wary of the old lady, we were both hired recently, but she has been there 10+ years
>She seems nice, but she is very jumpy and shy, she wears earplugs all the time (even though her job makes no noise), and she is overall strange, sometimes would run really fast past dark windows, or talk to herself