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dear /sci/, how the fuck can you explain this?
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Anyone else have kid science moments? (pic related)
>be 5
>think that milk tastes pretty shit
>figure I'd improve its taste vastly by adding something tasty
>add some pepsi into milk
>how didn't anyone else think of this shit
>try it out

>wonder why wait for 40 minutes at 100 celsius for a meal to finish instead of going turbo and wait for 10 mins at 400
>is there no end to my genius
>end up with charcoal cookies
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I know that pupils dilate if a person is sexually attracted to another person. Does this work through?

The photo I've posted was taken for me, as you can see her room is well lit, but pupils dilated. I need to know if I am right in assuming she likes me.
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At what distance from earth would you have to drop a steak for it to be cooked medium rare by reentry into the atmosphere?
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>study physics
>study math
>take a shower
>take a bath
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ITT: God-tier school equipment
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Latest update in the search for the Higgs boson

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The special CERN seminar on the Higgs Boson is about to start in an hour. At this seminar, coming on the eve of this year’s major particle physics conference, ICHEP, in Melbourne, the ATLAS and CMS experiments will deliver the preliminary results of their 2012 data analysis. They have even flown out Peter Higgs for this.

You can watch the live webcast here: http://webcast.web.cern.ch/webcast/play_higgs.html

You should also learn these terms, if you haven't already, so you know a little bit what they're talking about: http://press.web.cern.ch/press/background/B09-Important_Higgs_terms_en.html

Let's begin the wild mass guessing. Probably not pigeon shit this time?
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what happens and why?
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It's time to discuss the philosophical implications of teleportation.

So teleportation would essentially destroy you and create an exact copy somewhere else. The copy would have all your memories and be indistinguishable from you in its own mind and in everyone else's mind, but YOU would still be destroyed. You would cease to have any experiences.

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