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[1381716397] 日本語 Japanese Ask Questions Thread 8

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If you have a question about the language, ask it and fellow 4channers might see it and answer it for you.


See >>2 for recommendations of
■ useful software
■ dictionaries
■ sites to get media
■ other resources

See >>3 for links to previous threads.

NOTE: For those new to the text boards, know that they work a little different from the rest of the site. If you click on the thread title you are only shown the first 40 posts. Use the "Entire Thread" link at the bottom of this thread to see the rest.
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[1391383284] Two languages at once

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How do you schedule your day to study two languages? I'm trying to get into japanese and french, but google isn't being useful.
Have you tried it? How did you do it? Divide the day half and half? One day each? etc etc
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[1396506662] russian/mandarin

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i want to learn russian and mandarin. can someone who knows either or both of these languages be my mentor?
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[1369172834] I hate Americans

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I wouldn't even consider myself xenofobic, not against poland, japanese, whatever, but I hate all americans with all my might.

    I fucking hate americans. They are as bad as mexicans, maybe even worse. I hate them with the fury of 1000 suns, those hamburger eating fuckers. They are the cancer killing the modern world. Not only are they straight ugly and fat, they are stupid. They may run tech centers and shit, but they're so stupid it's rage enticing. Every time I see an american woman I want to throw up all over the fucking place. On top of this, they smell terrible. Every time an american turns to talk to me, the mixture of their BO and breathe makes me want to shoot myself to get rid of the pain. It's like they never bathe. I could take my hairy ass and rub shit all over it, not only would it be smarter and prettier than an american, it would smell many times better. There food is disgusting too. I could mix sewage in with vomit and make better cuisine.

    Their country is shit too. It's over crowded and smelly as a pair of old dudes balls. They're the cancer killing this world, they're like mexicans except they aren't as good at sports and they aren't quite as violent. Just as ugly, stupid fat and smelly.
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[1395915193] German

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Being a native English speaker, I find the word order in German pretty difficult to grasp and looks random.

How come?
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[1395527291] Ayuda!!!!!!!creo que embarace a mi hermana

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lo que pasa es que mis padres se fueron de viaje y nosotros nos quedamos en casa, mi hermana tiene 16 y yo 15, siempre nos hemos llevado bien ella y yo, mis padres se fueron el viernes temprano y llegaban el domingo por la tarde, el viernes en la noche estábamos viendo tv y de la nada nos empezamos a besar, nos calentamos de mas y nos subimos a mi cuarto lo hicimos esa noche, yo me corri 4 veces dentro de ella, y tengo que aceptar que a ella y a mi nos gusto aunque lo que hicimos fuera algo malo, al dia siguiente todo siguio normal entre nosotros y lo volvimos a hacer en la tarde durante unas horas, al dia siguiente llegaron nuestros padres y todo siguio normal, despues de un mes ella empezo con retrasos y compramos una prueba de embarazo y salio positiva y no sabemos que hacer, ustedes que opinan y como le decimos a nuestros padres que ella quedo embarazada,espero que puedan ayudarnos.
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[1376545893] Português do Brasil

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É hora de um thread em bom e velho brazuquês, não acham?
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[1390304084] 日本語議論隔離スレ

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--- Welcome to Discussion and Quarantine Place for Japanese Thread ---

This thread is for discussions and quarantines from Japanese thread. If you need more than 5 sets of your own long posts and responses, use this thread.

#前スレ http://boards.4chan.org/jp/res/11795086
#本スレ /int/内を検索

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[1364683639] English Thread

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In this thread, we attempt to learn to read, write, and speak English, a language which would be very useful to know. It is widely spoken throughout the world.

Do you speak English? Are you fluent? What resources did you use to learn? Can you give some examples in this thread? Posts some useful links.

Let's help each other out and learn a new language.
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[1396315328] Where can I learn Swedish?

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What's a good website for learning the beautiful Swedish language? Also, how long do you think it'll take me? All my life I've been learning Romance languages so I've gotten used to it all. Please give me some insight!