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shall we try and write a tao lin novel, guys? i mean, it can't be that hard can it?

let's give it a shot. don't worry if it doesn't make sense, i doubt he does either. the most important thing is to forget where your shift key is.
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How would you improve fantasy as a genre?
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Penguin Classics novelty covers
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ITT: Female writers

Name, country, succint greentext about her style and two or three works.

Any year or epoch can be taken under consideration, from Sappho to the wife of Tao Lin, but post the ones you like or recommend.

I'll start:

Sylvia Plath
>mental issues, introspective poetry, did a roman à clef about her life before commiting suicide, lived in the post war american society
>The Colossus and Other Poems
>The Bell Jar
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Bored on a Friday night. Passing the time with a writing exercise.

I'll write to each prompt in the order received. The results will be as interesting as you make them.
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All hail the mighty mod, who bares the patience of a GOD!

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Only liking books with "good writing" = acceptable
Only liking people with "good looks" = shallow

Why is this?

Also, you just jelly your works will never be as popular as all these "hack writers".

Maybe if you were actually smart you'd put two and two together and reach the epiphany that only sperglords care about "good writing" and "good art". Silly autismal manchildren.
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Now: Six word stories, freshly written.
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I am an aspiring poet/writer
I have just finished a book consisting of 50 poems: I am barely 18, and this would be my first published work.

How do I go about publishing it, /lit/?
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