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[1389806729] Animation Appreciation Thread #21

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Previous Thread:http://dis.4chan.org/read/carcom/1383774665/1-40
Older Threads: http://pastebin.com/URLgA6Xv

The Sakuga Wiki [JP] - http://www18.atwiki.jp/sakuga/
Other websites: http://pastebin.com/q0saM3Qi
Animation on Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube:

IRC channel:
#sakuga @ irc.rizon.net
Sakugabooru: http://sakuga.yshi.org/
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[1395949075] Muppets: Most Wanted

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Anyone else see it? I loved it.
It looks like it's not going to turn a profit, but I hope that doesn't discourage Disney from funding more Muppets projects in the future.

[1180572895] Lookin for Sexy Comics

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Hey i'm looking for some sexy comics. Like the anime Golden Boy or Colorfull or GTO. Please help. Web addresses would help.
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[1147654243] Daria

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Opinions on the cartoon? I used to love this show growing up.
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[1327863538] Naked Kirby dress ups

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Callie had a very long day at work. Being the mayor's assistant wasn't easy, and having to do absolutely everything for him was certainly a bore. She was glad to be home at any rate, and sighed as she fell into her couch. "Phew...what a day," she said to herself. Before she could begin to relax, there was a knock on the door. She wondered who on Earth it could be, and upon opening the door, it was Jake Clawson, aka Razor of the SWAT Kats.
"Hey Callie!" he said. "Mind if I come in?"
"Not at all, Jake. I just got home from work. I could use the company," she replied. She invited him to sit on the couch. "I'm going to go ahead and take a shower. I'll be out soon." Jake nodded and sat quietly by himself while Callie went upstairs.

After a few minutes passed, Jake got somewhat curious. "Hmm...you know, she must have been working pretty hard today. She looked beat," he thought. He went upstairs and wandered around a bit before he found her bedroom. Her work clothes were on the floor, including her heels. Jake looked down the shoes for a few seconds, deciding whether or not he should engage in what he was about to do. He shrugged and decided to let his deviant side take over, picking up the shoe and inhaling deeply. "Mmmmm...what a pleasant smell. I love it!" However, his activities were cut short as Callie reentered the room, done with her shower and dressed in PJs.
"JAKE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" she screamed, utterly shocked at what she was seeing.
"Uh...it's not what it looks like! I just, uh, I was uh...I was just curious!" Jake could hardly defend himself here, blushing heavily and looking down at Callie's feet constantly.
"Oh...I...hmm...I see." Callie then revealed a sexy, devilish grin. "Get on the bed, baby," she said, gesturing Jake to sit down.

Jake sat, unprepared for the situation at hand. "What's going on?" he said.
"You'll see," Callie replied, giggling incessantly. Callie then laid on her bed, behind Jake, causing him to turn and face her. Callie raised up one of her legs a bit and spread her toes wide. "So, you like this?" Jake nodded furiously. Callie then did the same for her other foot, beckoning Jake to come closer. Jake's urges took over and her buried his face into her arches, smelling deeply once again. Callie began to rub her feet and toes all around Jake's face, and this act was giving him a massive erection.

"Turn on your back," Callie commanded, "and take out your penis!" Jake quickly obeyed, unzipping his fly and letting his erection show. "You will love this..." Callie then began to rub Jake's cock with her feet, spreading and wiggling her toes all the while. Jake was losing himself in the pleasure, and wasn't bound to last long. It only took a few minutes for Jake to erupt like never before. His cumshot was so intense that it initially hit the ceiling! The rest of the shots were mostly directed at Callie's feet and her general location. "Oh my goodness, Jake!" she said, giggling. Jake finally stopped cumming. Callie continued to wiggle and spread her toes, which now had cum on the heels and between her toes. "You sure were holding back for some time, huh?" she said.
"Y-yeah...I guess so, huh!" he said in response. Callie and Jake got up off the bed, and Callie slipped her heels back on, disregarding the semen on her feet.
"Let's go downstairs, honey."

They returned downstairs, where Callie began to detail her long and boring day to Jake. As they talked, Callie began to playfully dangle her high heels, giving Jake a tease. Before long, she just let them drop to the floor, spreading her toes wide once more. It was that time again...!
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[1372430960] Homestuck General Discussion Thread

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Let's talk about Homestuck.
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[1391583708] Cartoonist

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American cartoonist Bill Watterson, author of the worldwide cult series Calvin And Hobbes, won the top prize on Sunday for his craft at France's Angouleme world comic strip festival, organisers said. Watterson, 56, won the grand prix at the 41st edition of the festival, beating Japan's Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and Britain's Alan Moore (Watchmen). He was not present to receive his prize.

Jail for Russian trio in gay murder

MOSCOW - A Russian court has handed down jail terms ranging from nine years to 12½ years to three men who murdered another they believed to be gay.

   The men, all from the same village in Kamchatka in far eastern Russia, killed the man last May as they were convinced of his "non-traditional sexual orientation", prosecutors said in a statement yesterday.

   The court heard that they lured the 29-year-old victim to a deserted part of the forest where he was stabbed multiple times in the chest, face and neck. They later placed him in his car and set it alight using petrol.


[1391461973] Aspiring comic artist

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I have a friend who is an aspiring comic book artist and he is trying to get his book out there. He doesn't have a website but it working on it. His company is called Attack Comics and his book is called Star Unit. I'm trying to get word out there and any advice for him would be much appreciated. Thanks.

[1391452332] Comic Studio

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Which are the other well-known comics's studio beside the well-known companies like Marvel and DC where artist can draw and work?