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[1395375582] Pearl quality vs VIP quality

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Which do you think is the better quality? Be honest now.

[1390446691] "vip quality"?

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Can someone explain this "vip quality" meme to me, please? Sorry, I'm new -_-
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[1390531066] How To Flirt With Women

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Flirting with women: The Ultimate Guide

Hey Dude,

Imagine this...

You're at a bar and see a cute girl. You take action and confidently approach her. She responds to your conversation starter and seems pretty interested.

Now what?

If you're like most guys, you WORRY so much about the "pick up line" that you give no thought to what you'll say once you're talking to a girl.

The truth is this is NOT your fault! It seems like the Internet is FILLED with products that ONLY concentrate on approaching OR using weird, canned routines.

So you've probably haven't seen anything about one of the FUNDAMENTAL ingredients to attraction:


You see, your ability to carry a conversation is directly related to ability to attract the interest of a woman.

Unfortunately, most products COMPLETELY ignore this aspect of attraction OR minimally cover the basics of flirting. So up till now, you probably haven't had a chance to learn the VITAL skills necessary for flirting with a woman.

Now things have suddenly changed! The other day, I came across a resource called "Flirt Mastery: How to Flirt a and Create Hypnotic Conversations with Women" written by a guy named Steve Scott : http://www.flirtmastery.com


What makes this system so special?

Well inside Steve's system, you'll find a step-by-step blueprint for creating flirty conversations that ACTUALLY help you with attracting the women you want!

This goes beyond typical "attract & seduce" products that ALL basically say the same thing.

One of the things that makes 'Flirt Mastery' REALLY stand out is the amount of time that Steve spends on how to TALK to women. He doesn't rehash gimmicky techniques that feel corny. Instead he teaches you how to converse in a NORMAL manner that's congruent to your inner-self.

And once you know the SECRETS to flirting, you'll be able to create attraction with ANY girl you meet.

So if you're interested in learning the RIGHT way to talk to women, I recommend you immediately take a look at Steve's Flirt Mastery site:


You won’t be disappointed!

[1369198455] JEWS [Part 19]

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[1368909548] reconstituted pork product in gravy [part 1]

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reconstituted pork product in gravy
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[1384514674] today is my birthday

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Hi everyone

today is my birthday

love you all

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[1395363947] ZARDOZ!

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[1103992945] Only thread starter is allowed to use a name?

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Also, Anonymous > VIPPER forever.
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[1103879903] wasteland

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is what describes this place
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