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[1393954324] The official Sunderland AFC Thread Part 2

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The official Sunderland AFC Thread @4chan

News/Chat/Talk/Signings - In the end zone - in the six

Sunderland Association Football Club is an English association football club based in Sunderland who play in the Premier League. Since its formation in 1879, the club has won six First Division titles—in 1892, 1893, 1895, 1902, 1913, and 1936—and the FA Cup twice, in 1937 and 1973.

Continued from: http://dis.4chan.org/read/sports/1369846503/

Continued from the other threads:
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[1381421312] My Lair

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Welcome to my Lair. /sports/ is where I plot my epic ruses and how to bring about the  downfall of /sp/.
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[1140474182] FIRST THREAD + MORE

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Well, Canada is beating Sweden at womens hockey; beat that. ;P
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[1396336393] Lewd Devils

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Woman claims Man Utd players had sex chats with her

Lewd devils

DIRTY: Ms Claire McMulian claims she has been engaging in sex chats with Manchester United's Shinji Kagawa, Adnan Januzaj, Sam Johnstone and another unnamed player.

Four Manchester United stars have been engaging in Internet sex chat with a blonde UK woman - in defiance of coach David Moyes' moral code for players.

   The chats occurred over FaceTime and Snapchat, single mother Claire McMullan told Britain's The Sun.

   During their chats, she would exchange dirty messages with the players and would strip.

   She also claimed 19-year-old Adnan Januzaj offered to fly her to Manchester from her Northern Ireland home, reported UK news website Anorak.

   "Adnan's really into his videos. He's a really horny devil who sweet-talked me very quickly," she said.

   "He'd speak to me on FaceTime and have me down to my pink French knickers and black vest top in no time at all."

   Red Devils midfielder Shinji Kagawa, 25, would watch Ms McMullan perform sexy routines via video chat and reserve goalie Sam Johnstone, 21, would make suggestions about "threesomes".

   She claimed a fourth unnamed Man United player would send her pictures of his genitals via Snapchat.

   Ms McMullan said: "I live in the most boring place in the world and had just come out of a 10-year relationship.

   "So to suddenly have all this fun with four Man United players was 'happy days'. It is exciting to be in touch with these guys and to make a movie or two. It put a smile on my face.

   "Adnan liked to choose what colour underwear I wore. He also liked me to wear my hair in pigtails - then I'd get out my sex toys and start playing."

   She added that Kagawa was the most bizarre of the bunch.

   She said: "I stripped on FaceTime only once for him - down to my black knickers and black bra.

   "He was more interested in using FaceTime to show me around his home - and then asked me to give him a tour of mine.

   "So there I was, going from room to room with a Man United player. It was weirdly funny.


A Tottenham fan, Ms McMullan spoke of how she posted a photo of herself in a Spurs jersey on Instagram.

   She said: "Adnan saw that and told me to change it. So I visited a sports store, went into the changing room with a Man United jersey, took a selfie and then uploaded it.

   "Later I got a message from Adnan saying, 'That's better!'"

   In response to Ms McMullan's claims, a Man United spokesman said: "We don't comment on private matters."

[1389796490] Kneecap/patella problems

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Looking for some tips and suggestions to improve my kneecap, since its been hurting as hell (got a case of swelling in both kness).

Both excercises and resting tips are welcome

[1386356425] Bikini

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[1375851282] Fitness

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Finally, a Female Fitness Formula That's Based On Safe & Intelligent Science Proven-By-Females And Created By A Female
To Unleash Your Max Potential : http://www.fullbodyliciousworkout.com
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[1381653704] Hilarious Thread

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This is the official most hilarious thread on /sports/.

Post hilarities! Post your very own little hilariations. Hillary Hilarington already sent me the following e-mail:

Hey mate,

I love ur threads, they are hilarious just like i am. Pls continue doing them, they are hilarious just like i am.

I am hilarious.

Hilarious greetings from Mount Hilariogi
Hillary Hilarington

Do it like Hillary and hilerate in this hilarious place of hilarity. It is hilarious!

Every hilarious hilario and hilaria is welcome! Long live the hilariculture!

[1366327208] Sports related comics

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