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Hats Part 3

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Crossover thread GO!
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Exotic Clothing

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I've seen kimonos and wedding dresses, how about some exotic outfits from some far off lands (other than Japan of course).
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Hanyuu Topic

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We shall continue to provide /c/ with Hanyuu.
Continued from>>792471
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Post the cutest motherfucking picture u have.
i'll start
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ITT females with long/classy looking dresses or outfits
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moar shoujo-ai

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part 2, general shoujo-ai

previous thread:
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Hey /c/ I haven't been here regularly in a long time. Does pupu~ still post here?

Also I'm posting some Valkyria Chronicles
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Naruhina 3

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The sheer amount of cute this pair contains was more than 2 threads could handle. Here comes part 3.
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ITT Couples doing anything cute
**pretty please, I want a big folder of happy =D
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