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Cute Pixiv Thread

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Time to post a bunch of cute illustrations from Pixiv! Feel free to join in.

If you like an illustration I post and would like to see it or it's artist on Pixiv, look at the upload file name.
Example: 3952_34217252.jpg
Format: member_illustration
→ Artist's profile: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3952
→ Illustration: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=34217252
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neko thread

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I have not seen a good neko thread in a while lets get one going.
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Chubby Thread

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The last chubby thread has disappeared, so I'm gonna start a new one.
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Cute Girls from the 80's: THE REVENGE (aka Part 4)
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Whats with all the character specific threads? That's no fun. Let's start a colorful thread.
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Surreal Thread

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Haven't seen a surreal thread in a long time.

Also posting ethereal, transcendental, and/or abstract pictures.
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I love few things more than cute girls in kimonos
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Winter thread #2

cont. from >>1935828
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Exotic Clothing Thread

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Summer is rapidly coming to an end and school awaits my return. Before I leave, I ask my fellow /c/omrades if they would like to join me on another journey to the exotic for old times sake.

For all those who may be new to this journey let me give you an itinerary. We have been searching for exotic clothing from around the world and the realms of myth and magic. Folk costumes are greatly appreciated. We avoid Japanese clothing, not because we don't care for them, but because we are searching for something different. A very elaborate, ornate, or colourful kimono is still welcomed.

Yes it was I who originally sailed across the seas and travelled to distant shores years ago when I first arrived here. Let this thread be my gift to you, /c/, for years of enjoyment.
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Scenic Thread

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Haven't seen a scenic thread in a while.

Here's to some beautiful scenery.
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