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>tfw you check your cosplay makeup at the end of the day
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ITT: Big breasted cosplayers

(this is still allowed, right? not offending anyone?)
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Stupid Shit People Say In A Fabric Store

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>Old Thread

This just happened today
>5 teens running around the store
> imagining squirting them with a bottle of water like you would to a cat
>"How much do you need?"
>4 yards!
>blue fleece
>"What are you making?"
>"try me"
>"Let me guess... you are cosplaying Nepeta?"
>Oh, yeah! I guess you do know!
>"You don't need 4 yards"
>YES I DO! She has a HAT AND TAIL!
>"Um alright, if you think you need 4...heres 4"
>OH NO, I ONLY HAVE 20$ I need to call my mom to bring me more money
>As they waited the continued to be loud and noisy for a whole hour
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So, I hear you guys have some good con horror stories...
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Con/Weeaboo horror story thread? Horrible con story thread.

Make me feel better about being completely unable to attend any real cons this year due to financial reasons with some horror stories. Starting off with Hipster Ariel story.
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Old one is Autosaging like the Titanic.

NEW Weeaboo horror storied thread.
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Embarrassing Con Stories

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We got a good, we got a bad, let's hear the awkward!

>Wonder Con 2012
>walking around with friend in Green Lantern
>talking and joking in Artist's Alley
>she says something, at same time barely hear something
>loudly, Archer style
>I walk off laughing at her
>"dude that was kind of mean"
>"what? get over it ho,"
>"no that guy was asking you for a picture and you were like NOPE"
>oh god what have i done
>go back to the artist, awkwardly explain what happened
>it sounds like a shitty excuse
>he takes my pic anyway

I felt kind of bad. When I turned around he was looking kind of sad.

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More bad cosplay is needed.
+20 Points if its recent.
This pic was taken at megacon 2012
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Don't know if this is already posted here but..

Dat waist.
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I saw a tirade of /fa/ and /cgl/ comics and pics about a week ago, and I couldn't stop laughing. Does anyone happen to have any of those pics or new ones?
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