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Hey guys, I'm thinking about cosplaying Travis Touchdown. All I need is the Jacket, The Glasses, That T-shirt, and the Beam Katana.

If anyone knows where I could buy or how to make these items, could you tell me. It would help me alot.
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Hey guys, its been a very long while.
ive come back saying that i might not do a iron man cosplay anymore.
well, at least not right away.
you see, recently when i was at our local leather factory buying some hide with my bud for a knife holder i happened to learn how to mold and engrave leather like i havent before.
then, on the drive back, i noticed a discount steel factory where i could buy sheets of steel at very cheap prices.
besides a remake of the Berserk Armor that ran through my head, i thought of something else.
i didnt think it would be possible to make it out of steel without a forge, but then i thought about leather molding.
i would first curve and shape plates that i needed, and then rivet the molded leather on top of it. that way i get a strong durable suit that will still have all the decorations that would need casting.
i could use all natural furs and hides to make it as authentic as possible.
what do you think guys? should me and my bud make this suit?
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IRL /cgl/tards
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Macross Frontier

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Can it be Macross Frontier tiem nao?
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any more before and after makeup pix? or furthermore, amazing howtos? they fill me with such hope.
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Terrorist cosplay GO!

Mumbai is under attacku!
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Self post, it's not finished so don't get up on me about it. but hey let's have a Gundam 00,( or any Gundam for that matter) thread.
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