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[1392740610] Animation Appreciation Thread #21.5

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Previous Thread:http://dis.4chan.org/read/carcom/1383774665/1-40
Older Threads: http://pastebin.com/URLgA6Xv

The Sakuga Wiki [JP] - http://www18.atwiki.jp/sakuga/
Other websites: http://pastebin.com/q0saM3Qi
Animation on Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube:

Sakugabooru: http://sakuga.yshi.org/

Lets try this again, shall we?

Feel free to talk about animation here.
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[1395107592] Saki: Tanoshii Zenkoku-hen Nationals

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In this thread we talk about anything Saki related.
The first thing that we're going to tackle is:
Why is Toki so shit?
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[1389888939] iDOLM@STER news thread

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Post News updates regarding iDOLM@STER here.
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[1395850040] Yo

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Just what kind of people visit the text boards anyway?
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[1381093824] Kill La Kill

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Anime Status=Fukken Saved
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[1160169352] Good, free hentai sites? Where did they go?

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It used to be a time when one could easily find good FREE hentai sites on the web. I remember when, in a couple of hours surfing through japanese search engines (even without knowing japanese), I would update my list with several good dojin/manga sites that were updated in an almost daily basis. Nowadays it's almost impossible to do it, almost always you'll end up in some shitty site that has the same collection of dojins/mangas of 6, 7 years ago. And I won't even get started on western sites. With one exception (that I know of), good FREE hentai is mostly banned from this side of the internet.

Nowadays, I keep just a few sites in my list that are worth checking every now and then. I'll share them here, hoping that other people will do the same. Who knows, maybe the good free hentai sites are still out there ^_^

-> Not a really good one, but it does have one advantage: it's updated quite often (almost daily), so it's nice to check it every now and then. Sometimes something good might be up.

-> This is a very good one. Updated often with good dojins.

-> This one was dead until very recently (no updates in almost six months), but recently it has revived. Yay!

-> One of the best, and also one of the oldest h-dojin sitea I know. Really, it has been up forever, and always with good updates.

-> Also one of the oldest h-dojin sites I know, though the updates seems to be lacking recently.

-> This used to be my favorite h-dojin site. However, today it's only but a shadow of it's former self. Still updates though, so it's nice to check it every once in a while.

-> Again, this one used to be a lot better, but it has good stuff.

-> The only western site on my list is also my favorite. Master Bloodfer's site is a huge community that offers huge amounts of FREE, quality hentai for everyone.

So? Which good FREE hentai sites do YOU know? ^_^'
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[1388087015] Manga thread

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Let's have a thread about manga

What are you currently reading/looking forward to/wanting to see translated/translating etc. etc.

All things manga
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[1103933325] Worst anime

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Since I am very original and everyone's starting "favorite blahblah"-threads, I thought we'd need to rant about the series that really sucks too.

The worst one I've seen is probably Pugyuru. The CGs and animations were crap, the character-design sucked, and the voice actors didn't do a good job either. Not at all.
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[1358919447] Amagami Challenge Thread Part 2

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Welp, the old thread suddenly got spammed to hell and back. Though it says something when we've managed to keep it active for about two and a half years after I initially started this challenge, so maybe it was time for change anyways.

Therefore, this will be the new Amagami Challenge thread from now on.
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[1384321618] Embarassing Japanese Names

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Nakadashi-san must be pretty embarassing. What others can you think of?
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