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Hi /ck/,

Today is my sister's birthday I spent all morning trying to make her a cake, I followed the instruction to this recipe, (link posted below this ex.). And well, I started having difficulties with it. The cake batter wouldn't mix, I didn't seem to find the baking powder so I ended up substituting it with corn starch and tartar sauce, after hours of attempting to cook the cake, it didn't seem to cook properly.. I ended up with, well if you look to the side I'm positive you can see it. I decided that I had enough of the cake's bullshit and pulled it RIGHT out of the oven flipped it over and let it cool off, after 10 minutes of waiting for it to cool off, I decided to put red icing on it, but the icing just ended up melting away...;; So, I just wiped off the icing and left it in the refrigerator... When it came to eating time, well... Look down below for more references;;

P.S what I'm asking is if there is anyway to save this cake.

recipe i followed:
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Hi, /ck/. Let's make a giant hot pocket.
Pic related, I just brought the dough ingredients together.
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Let's see what you'd do /ck/
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ITT: this is why you're fat

>roommate always buys 10lbs boxes of bubba burger
>really cheap, grisly, fatty, fast food quality ground beef
>go to grocery store with roommate, point out ground beef is on sale
>suggest he buy a big tray of ground beef and freezer paper. form his own patties and freeze in ziplocks
>will be cheaper, taste better, and a bit healthier
>'but why would I do all that when I can just buy a box of bubba burgers?'
>proceeds to buy 2 boxes of bubba burgers
>this is why you're fat john
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Cutebento/Kyaraben image dump thread for your kawaii nippon needs.
It would be appreciated if you keep your "durr weeaboo" shitposting to a minimum, /ck/ is listed underneath creative on the homepage if you haven't noticed.
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Japanese recipes in manga

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I just found this site with a bunch of recipes in manga. Seems like there is some story too but probably I will ignore it.

Casuals and newfags be aware that you might get a weeaboo overload!
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Minimalist cookware

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I'm trying to come up with a bare minimum of cookware that lets me cook many basic dishes. Here's what I have:

> chef's knife
> cutting board
> 2-qt sauce pan
> 12-in nonstick pan (cast iron?)
> huge pot
> huge metal mixing bowl
> insulated baking sheet
> spatula
> measuring spoons
> colander

What say you? Still too much?
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How have your tastes changed over the years?

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When I was younger, I preferred Snickers. Now, I prefer Milky Way.
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ITT: stories about people derping with food. I'll start.

>Working at restaurant
>guy walks in for breakfast buffet
>points at french toast
>"What's that?"
>"That is french toast, sir"
>What's the difference between that and normal toast
>mfw I have to explain what french toast is
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ITT: Fast food secrets
So i've worked at a few restaurants in my time. Figure i'd give you some of the 'inside' shit that goes on, in case you didn't know.

Burger King -
- Cini-minis are pre-made a week in advance. They sit there in boxes beneath the fry bin. They're microwaved to look fresh when they're ordered.
- Chili is made with old or burnt whopper meat
- The grease is rotated. The fries get the freshest, and the chicken and fish gets the oldest, blackest grease.
- Whoppers start out as frozen patties this thin

(actual scale size)
in the broiler, they 'plump' to their normal size.
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