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Creepy contactfag general?
Creepy contactfag general.
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Are you ready, /soc/?
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Who might this be /soc/?
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i'm in the mood to post in sma/rate threads but have to keep shirt off - therefore risking immediate thread derail.

also, ask me anything /soc/

note: please refrain from extreme sexy requests, as i am not fully recovered yet. this thread is to be relatively tame. thank you <3
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Tell us your best, worst, or most embarrassing anal stories. Pictures are certainly a plus!
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Good morning guys!
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Hey guys, new thread for those who want... Also, op pic as requested
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>tell you're biggest darkest secret
>remain anonymous
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>if a woman acknowledges you exist she's "flirting"
>If you have sex with a woman and she gets mad at you later you "raped" her
>If a woman likes you and you do no reciprocate you're a horrible person, and if you like her and she does not reciprocate it's because you're a horrible person.
>Men slave for their money just to buy her everything she wants but she will often have her own job and never return the favor because she's "independent"
>A man shoves an object inside a woman's vagina with enough force to cause her to pass out from pain he's a "monster", a woman uses an object to strike a man's testicles with enough force to cause him to pass out from pain and it's "comedy"
>A grown woman has sex with an underage teen she's a "sexy milf", a man has sex with an underage teen he's a "sex offender"
>if a woman is wearing makeup it's because she wants to be respected for her mind
>If a woman wears a skirt to work to show off her legs it's because she wants equality in the workplace
>If a woman wears a top that pushed her cleavage out and you notice you're a scumbag with a one track mind, and if you don't look there's something wrong with you

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One of these? Why not? Ladyfacts general.

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>cry when doesn't get what they want
>whine when upset
>tantrum when flustered
>scream when scared
>scream when excited
>selfish to the point of personally unhealthy
>needs help from men but must also feel independent when given help
>must be coddled when making mistakes rather than corrected
>looks cute in a man's shirt
>will cry when angry
>will cry when embarrassed
>generally irresponsible and hypocritical
>feels entitled and needs to complain about nearly everything, even when nearly everything is going their way
Okay, so am I talking about women, or am I talking about children?
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